Run: 1481 (Maybe)


Date: 28 May 2006


Location: Telos


Hare: FT


Scribe: Budwanker


“The Ball Buster”


There’s an old saying, going so far back that nobody really knows who came up with it, that a hash trail often begins to look like the hare that laid it.  Or is that an owner starts to look like his dog?  No matter, in this case the former was the truth as Fiery Twat laid a trail that she affectionately called “The Ball Buster”. 


Hashers arrived in the picturesque town of Telos and gathered at FT’s and Bookmaker’s scenic house.  The hash was joined by Lick’Em, from some hash in a neutral country to the north, and Jennifer, your faithful scribe’s cousin.  A look around at the shear cliffs and numerous hills surrounding the town gave everyone an idea of what was coming.  FT, never one to be shy about expressing her thoughts, warned everyone what they faced, but, undeterred, the hashers set off in the late afternoon Greek heat.  To no one’s surprise the trail started up into the hills and kept going.  The normal FRB’s took to the front, Cleopatra, George (who insists he is not an FRB), and Dieter.  Cleopatra managed to distinguish herself by going the wrong way on every check, yet still managed to get back to the start first.  At a certain point FT had the decency to allow those who so choose to take a short cut down, but only three hashers took this way, the rest continued on the real ball buster up the hills, arriving back long after the walkers and other runners.  I would say they were better for the experience, but I doubt they would agree with me.


After giving the runners a chance to recover the circle commenced.  An unusually, for her, subdued FT received a surprising grade of 6.8 for the run.  Self Service was welcomed back from his Siberian exile.  Lick’em made a short speech and awarded a down-down.  SF and Shiva were recognized for not actually going on the run but spending the time enjoying the beach and drinking ouzo instead.  Hamish and Can’t Get Laid were lounging around shirtless (just let that mental picture sink in for the morning) and a vote was taken to award one of them as “Miss Telos weekend”, however, the circle being unable to come to a decision, they were both awarded the coveted title.  No island weekend would be complete without a naming.  In this case, the award went to somebody who first started hashing with us back in September, but had shown an appalling lack of ability to come to hashes.  This would be Sue, and the circle rightfully questioned if she might be frigid.  Bookmaker, the acting RA for the weekend, christened her “Can’t Cum” in honor of her inability to, well you know….  She was then given a refreshing shower of beer and coke.  Following that, it was time for the BBQ, beer, and wine into the evening.  Thanks to Bookmaker and Fiery Twat for offering their home for the event.


Next week it is the Terry Fox Run in Syngrou park