Run: 1475


Date: 23 April 2006


Location: Papagu


Hares: Fair Cop and Budwanker


Scribe: Budwanker


“Kalo Paska”


The fact that most of Athens fled to various villages and islands throughout to country to celebrate Orthodox Easter did not deter A3H from holding another run on Easter Sunday.  The few, the proud, the (mostly) non-Greek gathered at the foot of Mt. Immitos for another legendary run from Fair Cop and Budwanker.   The British invasion was not quite over yet as the hash was joined by Me Lad’s Arse (the story of that name if fortunately not known by your faithful scribe.)


Evenly divided between runners and walkers the hashers set out.  The runners cut cross country while the walkers set off down a broad trail.  Meeting up again later the hash was joined briefly  by a slow but heavily armored walker who crossed the walkers path. 


Then it was across the Attiki Odos and up a hill for the runners for an impressive view of downtown Athens and the sea.  Then it was down the hill and off to the beer stop, cleverly marked with a ‘B’ by the hares.  The hares had to admit a major faux paux in that the beer stop was not set up for the walkers.  After a well earned beer, your scribe jumped in his car to get the mobile beer stop to the walkers.  While driving down the street he noticed two very familiar people walking along, Kum Kwik and Scrubber, who had gone straight to the on-in and were wondering not only where everybody was, but, more importantly, where the beer and food was!  Scooped up they joined everyone else at the finish.  From there it was quickly to the on-in at Budwankers, where, while the grill was lit, the circle commenced.  Scrubber and Kum Kwik , of course, were awarded down-down’s for their inability to find the start.  Loose Woman was awarded the penis and Streetwalker shit of the week.  However, Streetwalker objected to having to haul shit of the week on the subway so your faithful scribe got to keep it yet again.   Shiva received a down down for most festive outfit, not having let her drive back from Telos that morning deter her from looking good.


Then it was time to relax, eat and drink.  Suffice it to say there was very little food or beer left by the end of the day!


Next week it’s Shiva and Kum Kwik’s Pendili Scottish run.