Run: 1474


Date: 16 April 2006


Location: Thisio


Hares: Fair Cop and Budwanker


Scribe: Budwanker





 The British are coming, the British are coming! (REV.)


Yes, harking back to their glory empire days of old the British invaded Athens last weekend. And what invasion of Athens would be complete without a run around the acropolis (after all it worked for the Persians, the Spartans, the Ottomans, the Germans and whoever else has invaded Athens over the years.) While the weekend actually consisted of three runs, your faithful scribe will only describe the climatic final run.

To set the stage however we must go back one in time one day. The hares, part of a well-known British-American plot to poison Athens' dogs barely avoided arrest when a psychotic Greek dog lover confiscated our flower and called in the cops. Your GM's skills as a diplomat, withering glare, and general Greek police desire to get to their coffee rather then deal with a crazy women and weird foreigner saved the day however.

Now on to the run. Even with the British invasion we managed our very own version of détente when the hash was joined by Krakatau from the Moscow hash. Hashers, many, including the British invasion, looking a little worse for wear from two hard days of hashing, arrived for the hash and soon set off. A lovely view from the observatory provided the opportunity for some good group photos as runners and walkers met up. The run wound through the streets of Ambelorki (or something like that) with Rear Entry keeping everybody pointed in more of less the right direction with his liberal use of the horn. At all times we ran in the shadow of the magnificent acropolis. Finally all arrived back at the start, and after a brief interlude for the most important part of the day, retrieving the beer, the circle commenced.

The circle started on a somber note as S4S led the circle in raising a glass in remembrance of a UK hasher who unfortunately died on this same run several years ago. Then it was back to normal. The hares received record high scores for the trail. Wet Dream and Stress Cow (who had brought along a map and received a few sieg hiels, are we sure she's not German?) were recognized for leading the walk. A few offenses on trail were noted. Down downs were given to, among others, Krakatau as a visiting hasher, then again for actually following Shiva for some off trail running, and again for something else. Her only comment was confusion that the down downs weren't frozen vodka provided by thick necked guys smelling of fish named Sasha; Elisa for being French joined by Spy Shagger because somebody confused France and Ukraine; the GM for not bringing either the Penis, courtesy of Goes Down, and Shit of the Week, courtesy of Fiery Twat; all those not wearing hash gear; all the GM's present (a gaggle of GMs?); etc. Smart Arse, Tops, and others whose names got me confused after having several down downs myself helped pass out liberal down downs to the British Invasion. Among them to Kabab for coming up with the logo for the weekend, and some big guy with blond hair for dancing naked on a table the night before.

Gary, who had managed to get away from the Ottawa hash without being named, was not so lucky with the Athens hash. He was called into the circle and invited to plant his butt (literally as he took down his shorts, Fiery Twat doesn't know what she missed) in a bucket of ice. There was a brief delay in his naming as some more down downs were passed out, until the circle realized that Gary was freezing his ass off, literally. Gary's name was one of the easier ones to decide as Gary had distinguished himself on ski weekend by letting Love Bug drink him under the table then going off to hurl (vomit for those of you unfamiliar with American drinking slang), an act to which he admitted happened quite often. After some discussion S4S named him Semper Hurlis. But wait, the namings weren't finished yet. Fee (Fi, Fo, Fum?) had foolishly let it be known she was going back to Copenhagen soon, and so obviously needed a name. After admitting to getting around some (too a number of different hashes anyway) she was christened Loose Woman.

Fair Cop closed the circle with a song that mentioned every member of the British invasion, and then it was off to Taverna, more drinking, and hanging out with our British guests until late in the evening. Thanks again to the First UK Full Moon Hash for making the long trip to Athens to join us.

Next week it's off to Popagu where Fair Cop and Budwanker will try to recapture their trail laying glory from last weekend, preferably without the legal problems.