VENUE The church and spring thingy place in the woods near Stamata somewhere…just passed the fish taverna for Gregor


HARE LOVE BUG well done dottie…..u get better every time!




A few little snags with the signs on the way…a few blowing in the wind ….a few in unexpected places, a few we could have done with but Love Bug didn’t have enough string….. a few friendly phone calls later we all agreed to meet in the usual spot and then Love Bug arrived so we knew we were sorted…..except for Gregor who had just passed the fish taverna…….


Super running weather…just enough wind to cool our muscles off in the sunshine. Lovely spot for a circle as the kiddies tug of war heated up. Nice turn out including 2 virgins returning HIPHIP HURRAH, George made it back and he had bought a Athens Hash T Shirt so he looks like he is in it for the long haul….Sue came too and kept her own traditions of turning up too late to run…. what a shame (she always says that with such feeling that you almost believe she did mean to come for the run)…she can now officially take over from Oxymoron as the traditional latecomer as he came on time ( another law of nature well and truly broken) He was only on time due to outside influence however as he is crippled temporarily and Hamish had to give him a lift.


Anyway Budwanker was back and took charge in his usual quiet but forceful way. There was going to be no monkey business on the hash today that was for sure cos he was wearing his CIA scary FLY glasses that give him the sinister edge. He scared me enough to shut me up in the circle for the record setting 7 and a half…..seconds….wow!


LB had had a few problems with an unwanted rash of check spots but we were nursed through them to ensure we did not miss the gorgeous effort of an extensive uphill F to start. We coached George on how to sit quietly on an F to ensure it has the greatest effect of getting everyone up the pointless hill b4 the FRBs (front running bastards) race back down and scatter the BRBs (back rbs)  as they pound back to the tarmac to find the real trail.


We scattered every which way in search of the trail and Scarlet PimperKnickers  ( I was not there when he was named but think we should shorten that to Scarlet Pimp) decided to leave Clitoria’s side and compete at Olympic level in the 100 metre dash out front. True hashers just ignored the poor chap and tootled along at their own jog pace ( if you need the details then Aesop has a good version). Bookmaker as usual went off alone in the opposite direction so he could annoy us as we struggled up rubbish filled gullies by standing at the top waggling his bum as he had cruised round the tracks…not quite cricket Bookie! Or Hashing either as we are supposed to stick to the blue through and through and torn to bits by the brambles and infected by the biological waste pools emerge triumphant 500 metres behind The Bookmaker as he Front Runs yet again!


Anyway struggling up the gulley afforded many a hasher a good view of the arse in front and Thrush, Mountain Goat and Scarlet broke back into a run on the flat and then downhill on in. Not that the Athens Hash is competitive in any way BUT FT passed them all except for the Pimp…..


So back to our happy circle, where we had some returnees to embarrass and Elsa to serenade with a cut down version of our French ditty. We had another Virgin who had not quite understood that the Hash is  a RUNNING group with occasional concessions to walkers……


We then enjoyed ourselves immensely by having a NAMING ceremony. Our American friend ADDIE had come of age and pounded enough Attiki mountains to be accepted into the fold of AHHH as GOES DOWN  (apparently something to do with non hash activity of jumping out of aeroplanes)…..


We had to punish our Webmaster Maddog for confusing the AHHH with the Women’s Institute, with his extensive coverage of the floral and scenic aspects of our exploits rather than the more acceptable rude and offensive ones.


Announcements took a while cos we have all those visitors coming over from the UK next weekend so Hamish had to tell us in detail about all the activities planned. I thought it would be enough to mention the menus but no he had to cover ingredients and cooking times so we all dozed in the sunshine til he finished then had a fab RAP send off from our amazing SONG MEISTER….I think we should get him to record a CD for AHHH to take to the InterHAsh in Chang Mai.


Then it was ON ON to LOVE BUG’s for a Curry bring your own eat out in the garden and hope the returnees leave enough for anyone else …..we must mention that AHHH may be non PC, unreconstructed and sing rude songs but we have enough manners to wait until we are told the food is ready…..the unmannered ones hopefully know who they are ……..


ON ON to a wild weekend with the FULL MOON HASH Friday, Saturday and AHHH trail in Thiseo Sunday 12midday….be there or be pissed!



Fiery Tw*t