VENUE: PARNITHA AIRPORT (don’t forget your passport and ignore the signs to Elefherios Venizelos)


HARE: ALL DAY SUCKER ( altho’ I have inside information that he was aided and abetted by the SAS….the real ones)


It is always a thrill to be part of history and know that you were present at some earth moving, shattering and shagging moment and those of us on ADS’s hash will be able to tell out grandchildren that we really were present when the amazing feat was performed.


As in many cases, we do not know the details of how the event came about and speculation will be rife and no doubt ADS will be deciding between the offers from various states to share his knowledge for the betterment of some capitalist agency or terrorist organization. We know he will weigh these offers carefully and as a true hasher will take the most important factors into consideration i.e. how much free beer he will be able to imbibe and length of time he will be able to devote to visiting hashes around the world.


It is a shame that despite moving the start time to 12 midday, as per Spanish Fly’s request, she still has not been able to crawl out of bed to share the momentous moment with us but the hashers who will go down in history are as follows, or as I remember….FT and Bookie of course, ADS had to be there, Fair Cop and Wet Dream (cos he sang and she collected the money) Men-In-Gitis (as he was threatened with cruel and unusual punishment if he did not get his arse out of bed in the daylight) Street Walker, Rear Entry and Mother Fucker, Love Bug and Gregor the Coke Dealer, Twisted Bitch and 3 dogs, Fi (lady Danish engineer) Maddog, Hamish, possibly Kum Kwik (but I think Scrubber was elsewhere)…..FT  and Bookie had also followed Clitoria’s instructions and brought along a friend George and Love Bug tried to bring one along too but Sue didn’t turn up til later and …..oh fill in a few names here cos that all this aging scribe can recall.


So by now you are gagging to know what happened…..much as the CIA are……but should I spill the beans……u could bribe me……..oh bugger it I am really very bad at keeping shtum….


So Sunday the 2nd of April 2006 was the day that Newton’s Laws of Gravity were turned upside down and inside out and shown to be useless in the face of an ADS laid trail for the AHHH……we gathered at  Parnitha airport and many a joke was had about the state of the plane, our boarding  cards and the duty free shopping B4 we set off uphill…..and after a few squiggles then continued to climb uphill and on every check found the trail……. uphill.

We lost a few hashers on the way (Rear Entry and Mother Fucker to be precise) as they insisted we needed to go down hill at some point to come back to our starting point…..what did they know about the ADS experiment with logic and gravity……so a good 2 hours later we climbed back to the clearing next to the abandoned plane and scratched our heads and arses a bit and wondered what had happened…..


Oh well, we thought, History can take care of that anomaly …..


We had cold beer to look after and Wet Dream brought a cake cos it was her Hashy Birthday. We had a circle and welcomed George (nice chap, good runner, needs to be more confident in the calling stakes but we will train him up) and Sue (nice chappette shame about the lack of running due to poor time keeping)…..we also baptised Street Walkers new shoes as she had stupidly mentioned she hoped that her new shoes would enable her to run better……so she enjoyed her DIO out of one of them and complained and sulked a bit til we let her put it back on…..some people have sense of humour hiatus when expensive running shoes are ruined with having a beer served in them….go figure.


So just to sum up for those of you that need a quick recap….we had a great run, that defied the laws of gravity and then we drank lots of beer…..


ON ON to Love Bug’s mega marathon at Semeli vineyards……weren’t we just there?


Fiery Tw*t