Run: 1470

Date: 19 March 2006

Location: Stamata

Hare: Shiva

Scribe: Budwanker

"A farewell to Pink Jenny"

Last Sunday A3H hashers gathered to bid a grand farewell to Pink Jenny, but more on that later.

Several thousand years ago, an ancient Greek poet told an epic tale of a war between the Greeks and Trojans, and the trials and tribulations as the victorious Greeks tried to find their way home. Last Sunday Shiva decided to pay homage to the latter in a run that lasted as long as The Odyssey. After awaiting the arrival of the guest of honor, the hashers set out, having no idea what awaited them. First there was "The Trojan Horse"; a falsie set way up a steep hill. The hare, playing the role of Cassandra, stood at the bottom of the hill and wondered why nobody paid any attention to her. However, the hashers’ trials were just beginning. For the next several hours the heroic hashers wandered scattered over the Greek countryside. Some (Mountain Goat and Bookmaker) driven to despair from thirst and exhaustion abandoned the trail and ran through the brush, arriving back at the start bloodied but unbowed. Others (Gary, Pink Jenny, and Love Bug) reached an intersection and stood around aimlessly hoping for divine guidance, perhaps from the oracle of Delphi since then had run far enough to be close that sacred location. The Uberhashenfuhrer, who, as GM, processes god like powers, played the part of a Greek god by arriving back at the start wearing the "Face of Thunder"! Finally, no telling of The Odyssey would be complete without an Odysseus, which was played by All Day Sucker, who does bear a certain resemblance to the ancient Greek hero. He wandered the Greek countryside alone wanting only to get back to the circle (where he could drink a beer) finally arriving long after the circle had started. Hashers can decide for themselves which Homeric hero they most resemble.

While many hashers have much in common with those legendary Greek warriors, in one important area they did not: As far as is known, Greek warriors on their way to the Trojan War did not roam the Greek countryside dressed in pink. A3H hashers, however, did just that to honor our very own "Helen", Pink Jenny. Pink Jenny, apparently having decided that one can only take so much good weather and decent food, is returning to England, which has neither. Several outfits were singled out during the circle for special notice. Fair Cop, in a tight sequined pink tank top that had to be seen to be believed; Gary, stylishly sporting pink socks with a green frog; and Tammy, the latest Marine to join our little group, wearing a pink t-shirt that called into question the virtue of a certain doll that all of the women, and probably some of the men, on hash once played with. Pink Jenny, who insists she will return, was sent off with her 100 run mug and some farewell pictures. She will be missed. The circle also took advantage of modern technology to conduct our first "virtual" hash wedding between Bookmaker, who was present, and Fiery Twat, who wasn’t but, through the wonders of modern cell phone technology, was able to complete the wedding ceremony. The penis was passed on to Addie and the aforementioned Tammy was welcomed as a virgin hasher. Fair Cop closed the circle with a song then it was off to Taverna for a Homeric feast.

Next week it’s off to Penteli for a run by Clitoria and Miss Red Dress 2006.