RUN NUMBER apply as usual to a committee member with attached plain envelope for details

VENUE: A respectful distance from the German Cemetery so as not to cause offence……I thought they were dead and would probably enjoy a good joke but apparently I am a sick sociopath with no morals.

HARE The Bookmaker himself, himself, himself and no other than……so we knew what to expect, it was just which way round ( a bit like sex really)

This is going to be a very short shit, not that the run was short (how could it be with Bookie setting it), nor that the effort to get round was small ( as we had weather conditions from hell) but that the main focus of a Hash Shit is obviously the embarrassing and delectable moments in the circle where AHHHers are called to order and submit to punishments of various hues……..and that lasted 47secs not counting opening Amstel cans to pour the DIOs.

Anyway we gathered for the 1st Athens Hash House Harriers SWIMMING GALA, on the slopes of Penteli mountain. Luckily last minute flooding allowed the event to go off without a problem, otherwise we might have had to revert to the normal tactics of running around the mountain…….

We did not see a lot of each other it must be said, as those without glasses couldn’t see for rain in their eyes, and those with sunglasses on (the well trained muscle of our token marine) due to the dark glass and rain on the glass. He also decided to run with his hands in his pockets, but when I pointed out that was asking for a broken nose he replied….’no maam as I will tuck my shoulder in and roll’…..basic training manual page 47a…..

We had a new boot without a hash name called Andrew I think, who had hashed in….. Nigeria I think he said, so him and Strawberry Foreskin bonded reminiscing about the harriettes over there who are well known for their hospitality and hash attire….u can ask ‘em for details ‘cos I daren’t be more specific in case Lean Over reads the Shit.

So we ran in torrential freezing cold rain and got seriously wet and hypothermic and had a long uphill ON INN, nowhere near the main road mentioned in Bookie’s opening description (liar liar pants on fire!)

Hare and New Boot got DIOs and we left…..oops forgot to mention the DIO to Mary Poppins… Clittie’s Nigel who ran the whole trail with an umbrella to keep the rain from making Clittie’s hair go frizzy….I would have suggested a good pair of knickers would do the trick…… ON ON to a desert venue with camels and lots of warm sand please…….FT