Run: 1468

Date: 6 March 2006

Location: Melissia

Hare: Spanish Fly

Scribe: Budwanker

“Frozen Semen”

“We few, we happy few, we band of buggered.” - Some English King before some big event a long time ago.

Echoing the above comment, those few hashers who had not actually left Athens to get their souls cleaned gathered for the Clean Monday run in Melissia. After a brief argument between the GM and Wet dream over which of them gets lost more (the issue was unresolved) the small group of hashers set out. Spanish Fly had decided not to use much flour while setting the trail so we ended up following pieces of string hung up in bushes and trees along the way. Clitoria, who claimed firsthand knowledge, remarked that they looked like frozen semen. It was decided by all that it was better not to challenge her on this, but, in the spirit of the semen, we changed the call from “On On” to “Cum On” for the day.

The hashers ran by a monastery where many Greeks were flying kites, then up a hill to a fire station for a panoramic view. From there it was all downhill, more or less, and back to the start. The front running bastards (Rim Job, Colin, and Addie) lost track of the frozen semen and arrived back from the opposite direction intended, but everyone else managed to follow the trail and straggled in. Mad Dog, who had arrived late and set off down a creek bed hoping to head the pack off at the pass, arrived a few minutes later. Once the walkers returned it was time for the circle.

Fair Cop was named Guest RA and serenaded SF with a song in “honor” of her trail. There were the normal down-downs for flying club (Colin and your faithful scribe), leaping gracefully over bushes (Nigel), chasing doves (Mad Dog), doing really bad Nazi impressions (Clitoria (twice), Fair Cop, Nigel - followed by a really bad rendition of Deutschland Uber Alles), etc, etc. Then it was time for the highlight of the circle: Every once in awhile somebody, although not a long time hasher, does something that really makes his or her mark on the world of hashing. A3H was privileged to be able to honor such a person. In recognition of his deliberate running over and mangling of a puppy during the ski weekend, Colin had his hash name bestowed upon him “Puppy Killer”. Then it was off to Taverna for wine and seafood.

Next week nobody really had any idea of who was leading the run or where it would take place, stay tuned.