VENUE VARIMBOMBI or any other spelling you fancy as I have seen 4 different ones just on the signs on one road!

HARE; The Venerable (no not venereal) MOUNTAIN GOAT

One of my favourite places to start a hash as I remember the infamous day we had Maddog in a drunken stupor on this very spot after awarding him 7 DIOs for the mistakes he kept making cos we had given him 3 DIOs…4….no 5….oh what the hell he can walk to the taverna.

I am writing this in retrospect as I had other things on my mind recently as I am sure will be noted by others in Shits and Photos…..as Bookmaker made a respectable woman of me…..oh and we got married too. Not a Hash Wedding…that had to wait ….just a boring Civil Ceremony …..so if the reports here are a bit hazy and missing something of their usual wit and edge….it is not alcohol to blame although I must mention that the worst alcohol mixture must be champagne and ouzo and I recommend you avoid it at all times……

So there we were in our little carparking clearing ensuring civilians passed on by rather than risk being blocked in by a hash vehicle and circle to follow.

Good turn out and all on a high following the Red Dress Run and cross dressing and gender swapping still in the air…..shame I missed it really except don’t think there was anything I haven’t tried already. We had a token MARINE GARRY who was a super chap….couldn’t make it in time for the run…..so presumably it doesn’t matter if you turn up for the battle just as long as you are on the winning side?

Mountain Goat excelled himself with the trail taking in bits of the forest we had never tried before….plus all the usual bits too, to make an extensive trail where many a hasher lost heart and blue and trailed in on roads and tracks from every direction. A bit like a Boxing Day Hunt in the home counties with the hounds turning up with the tails between their legs days later and many a cat less in the surrounding suburbs…..but I digress….I am going to have to cos time has taken its toll on the details of the day,,,

I remember front running with Rear Entry and a new chappie who was a brilliant runner but didn’t know the twists and turns of the trail and MG’s mind! He kept running up and down and round and round …..but never an ON ON was heard….. he was the last home too so maybe we should give him a handout on the traditions of the AHHH if he ever comes back.

Long sections of forest track taxed our legs and lungs and Street Walker coaxed Gregor the Coke Dealer round too. In fact looking at the photos it seems that they were the only 2 hashers on trail with Clit putting in a guest appearance and Maddog taking the photos……but that was cos the rest of us were FRBs and never caught on camera.

We had a circle where All Day Sucker presided as Budwanker had guests and so could not make it……Fair Cop gave us a wonderful song with lots of things rhyming with Varibobi…..he also handed on the Penis Award ( he being the incumbent due to the gender swap the week before) to his own WIFE Wet Dream……which must be very significant but I really don’t want to think about it.

I don’t remember seeing the Hash Shit of the Week Award…..but I do remember Shiva getting a HHH sign for a new age jewellery item which was very fetching.

I got some down in ones (DIOs) for interrupting in an aggressive manner and then popped off for a posh lunch with civilians in a nice house in Ekali where I had to tone down a bit otherwise they threatened to leave me out on the balcony!

ON ON to somewhere new and I could check it out cos this is a retrospective so why don’t u go read about it….u know u have to fill in all those empty hours at the office somehow!