Run: 1464 Ė The Red Dress Run

Date: 12 February 2006

Location: Glyfada

Hare: Hamish McTavish Esq.

Scribe: Budwanker

This week, it being the Sunday closest to Valentineís Day, A3H and the Athens Full Moon Hash joined Hashers around the world for the annual Red Dress Run. The Hashers, most of them dressed in their finest red dresses (just let that thought sink in for a second) gathered in Glyfada. You would think a group of people standing by the road would be hard to miss, but several hashers needed several drive-bys to find the start off point. After a brief introduction the hashers took off through the streets of Gyfada, despite a slight detour by half the runners who got lost on Hamishís labyrinth like trail, walkers and runners met up outside of Triple Sexís pad for a well-deserved Champaigne stop. After that it was a quick run back to the starting point, often accompanied by honks from passing Greek drivers, who were either appreciative, or simply confused by the sight.

The circle had a number of highlights. It what can only be described as a genetic oddity, it was discovered we had two penises. Lean Over awarded hers to Fair Cop, who looked quite, well something, in his dress and red wig (she claimed to be awarding it to the best looking women there), while Triple Sex awarded hers to Spanish Fly. A number of returning Hashers were welcomed back including Canít get laid, Preston Pete, and Playboy 2. Several virgins were also welcomed, including Gary, one of the long requested Marines.

As things were winding down it was time for the long anticipated awarding of the flowers for best looking man in a dress (Is it better to win or lose this award?) After carefully watching as the Hashers strutted past her, Addie narrowed her choices to Fair Cup and Nigel. A tough decision no doubt, but in the end Nigel won the coveted award. Another long anticipated, Olgaís naming, followed that. The circle was queried for suggestions and, after a quick deliberation, S4S decided upon her new name: The Spy who Shagged Me. With interpreting from FU Gasper, Olga acknowledged her unworthiness and accepted her new name. The Full Moon Hash joined in the spirit by naming Canít Get Laidís wife (apologies as I donít know her non-hash name). This name was much easier to figure out and she was quickly named: Long Time Coming.

As most hashers were getting pretty cold, so it was off to the Brown Bear pub. A free meal was provided and much beer and wine were consumed. Some dancing and darts added diversions to the afternoon and the festivities, apparently, lasted long into the evening. All in all a day fitting the hallowed tradition of the Red Dress Run.

Next week, some unnamed Hasher will be leading the traditional Run After the Red Dress Run.