Hash Run 14something (Fair Cup and Wet Dream can tell you exactly)

Location: Krioneri

Date: January 29, 2006

Scribe: Budwanker

Snow Job (with apologies to snowjob.com, who wasn’t present)

Following the Great Athens Blizzard of 2006, A3H Hashers valiantly braved the 50 degree weather (yes 50, I’m American, deal with it) for this week’s run. The run got off to a shaky start when hare Love Bug, forgetting you really don’t need to set a falsie on the way in, directed everyone to go left at one point in Krioneri when we were supposed to go straight. Fortunately for all involved, S4S and Lean Over arrived early, got lost, figured out what had gone wrong, and fixed the sign so that most of the hashers, except for Rear Entry and Olga (who’s in desperate need of a hash name) could figure out where to go.

Everyone arrived more on less on time to be greeted by Brandy and Gluh-wine, and a nice fire set by All Day Sucker, and all the little suckers. After Mountain Goat got unstuck and the aforementioned Rear Entry and Olga figured out where they were going the hashers set out. Being on blue, in theory, made the trail easy to follow through the snow. This did not prevent a number of memorable moments such as Streetwalker avoiding a nasty fall, calling attention to her ability to stay upright, and falling hard on her butt! Love bug, the hare who really should have known better, managed to fall neck-deep in snow not once but twice in the space of about ten meters. Mountain Goat, to the surprise of…well no one…abandoned the trail at one point to go straight up hill. In the end all the runners made it back ahead of the walkers, who apparent wandered down the road for awhile, then turned around and came back, the whole notion of following a trail being too much too comprehend.

The circle ended up forming around the fire, following more gluh-wine and beer. The normal down-down’s were handed out to the hares, Wet Dream passed on the penis to Lean Over, Cocks and Balls was welcomed back from the UK, etc. 25 run mugs were handed out to Love Bug and All Day Sucker (who managed to forget his and will be drinking in penitence for some time to come). Your faithful scribe was awarded yet another 25 run mug after his was broken by a nasty group of hasher wannabees. The circle being finished, the hashers took advantage of the roaring fire to do something they almost never do, drink a few extra beers. After pushing everyone out of the snow it was off to Taverna, where, to the surprise of…well no one…no meat was ordered but copious amounts of wine were consumed.

Next week it’s off somewhere where Fiery Twat will lead us on a live run.