HASH SHIT RUN NUMBER …..sorry details washed away in violent downpour that swept through and over an area know to some as:

VENUE Kalyves…..or maybe Kalyvia….or oops no we all swing away from Kalyvia and headed up for Kouvara….no went through there without stopping…..mmmm beginning to look familiar now on the back road to Porto Rafti….wot an interesting route to….well nowhere special I suppose, but coming thru’ Markopoulou by the direct route might have saved us a valuable lifetime or 2….but wot would the hare care eh? Him being the reknowned sheep shagger…..

HARE Mother Fucker

So, so far so good…..and the clouds burst right on cue, on a cute little ensemble of Athens Hashers who could find no good reason for staying in bed on a Sunday morning…..in fact a few had not found any good reason to GET IN bed the night b4….fine upstanding pissheads that they are.

A quick role call then….MFer the Hare with Bookmaker and Fiery T, joined by Yiannis ( a very rare returnee), followed by Fair Cop and Wet Dream, Rear Entry and Olga ( does she still not have a name the poor pet?), Clitoria and Maddog and finally Shiva turned up, with returnee Ram Pants ….I think that was it although everyone was bundled up in so much clothing and topped off with umbrellas that George W might have joined us holding hands with the Tone Blair at the back and we might not have noticed.

We attempted a prompt start as frostbite and deluge wrinkling was apparent early and off we went up the river gorge, that had been a road earlier, splashing through the mud. Rear Entry took an early head start but soon FT’s training paid off and despite being wrong on the 2 early checks caught up, and overtook all the men….although Bookmaker was still the FRB of the day. Trail was imaginative and overly laid with blue so we still could find the bloody thing and couldn’t shortcut back saying it had been washed away…..

We also had a nice touch of a beer stop at the ON INN, with 5 beers for the 1st 5 hashers…which turned out to be enough for everyone running the trail this time so smart calculation by MFer this time…..

Back at the circle we put Clitoria in charge and had a smart witty gathering under the umbrella’s as Yiannis was made the beer bitch so he probably won’t be back.

We warmly welcomed Ram Pants back as she has been having a bit of a tuff time so we sang her a song to cheer her up……but I still couldn’t bring myself to give her the penis award cos I knew it would disappear to England with her, and Clit couldn’t have it cos she always has it and I couldn’t give it to Olga cos we couldn’t explain what she could do with it and Rear Entry refused to translate…..so it went to Wet Dream to keep it oiled for a week.

I also divested myself of the Shit of the Week Award….having added the Maltese Flag cos that was all I had that was attachable in the back of my car and I gave it to ………..oops Alzheimer moment MFer I think for bringing us such a stupid way round to the start…..

Circle was closed by a fab song from Fair Cop with lots of word play and rhymes on Kalyvia…..ask him next time you see him….how long it takes him to come up with them?

Oh and just as we were squelching back into our vehicles Oxymoron turned up….he was really miffed he was too late to get his DIO for being late…

ON ON to Love Bug and the snows of Kilimanjaro….or Krioneri…..and the excitement mounts for FT’s LIVE HARE trail in 2 weeks…..the bets are on as to whether I will deliberately get caught so they can strip me……