HASH SHIT - run number lots and lots and lots so well done us

SUNDAY 8TH Jan 2006 11am - at last we are back to normal

VENUE: Varibobi, but unusual bits of it so we did not get mixed up with the tons of blue already spread around like fertilizer by the old hares…..

HARE: All Day Sucker and his older Horror helped but was not on the hash itself due to risk of bad language exposure (as if he hadn’t heard it all at school anyway!)

Talk about brass balls and dropping off monkeys eh? Bloody freezing and with wind chill everyone decided to risk keeping a few layers on….the only skin on show being nose ends and an inch of New Nigel’s legs between his trendy long shorts and short socks…..perhaps he never got into grammar school and his mum did not agree to him wearing long trousers….or Clit decided the shorts were an easy access item?

Off we went on an unusually set trail with numerous checks in diarrhoea formation …..very close together with dribbles almost immediately off each check. All Day used his son’s enthusiasm as an excuse but I think it could be early onset Parkinson’s induced by over indulgent xmas period?

The calling became a bit repetitive…..On On!....Check…..OnOn …..Another bloody check…..On On…oh for fuck’s sake four checks…..Checking…..On on…..on on on….perhaps he had bought too much blue and didn’t get the idea he could save some up for next time?

The trail itself was through nice forest scenery and strategically placed flooding on tracks meaning off shoots into the bushes were a common feature enjoyed specifically by Cock’s Tail who always came out looking bedraggled and had Budwanker attached in close order……entente cordial with the locals by the American Embassy? I suppose they may have turned over a new leaf for the New Year and been told not to make any more enemies until they have finished off the last lot…..

We did a nice loop up and down and were soon (too soon perhaps) back at the cars and trying to open frozen beer cans with frost bitten fingers…..luckily ADS had forgotten the ice! The circle was frozen into submission and call outs were few and far between due to the difficulties with teeth chattering…..

We had a few DIO's with Fiery Twat (yes me) getting done again and again. I got the penis award (again) got done for the lack of Shit of the Week award ( it gets hard to remember all these awards….but I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, grandparents and other members of my gene pool and meme plus my primary school teacher Mrs Thurman, without whom I would never have made the impression on World Hashing that I have….sob sob)

We sang our traditional leaving song for Dwarf Blower who is finally going permanently home to the US (rumours differ on whether Fuck You Gasper will be going too??? Let me know those gossip hounds among you).

We closed without a little ditty from Fair Cop despite us helping with all the rhymes for Varibobi….snobby, bobby, jobby…..

On On to a Thrush trail…where he has been given fair warning of emasculation if we reach or see either Marathon Lake or the Acropolis as the starting point will be somewhere in Ekali possibly…..