Hash Christmas Party and Run/Walk in the tacky suburbs and rubbish dumps of Loutsa….thank the lord that Fair Cop and Wet Dream’s pad was of a superior standard and out weighed the other environs to which we were subjected.

Gathering together to celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ being one of the best excuses for the AHHH to get pissed and enjoy rollicking unruly sexually un-pc games, and we had a fair turn out for the exercise bit too…..

A well set trail took in all that Loutsa has to offer…..treks up and down dead end tracks with barking dog accompaniment, a long jog along the seashore with rolling waves full of slighty whiffy seaweed and rubbish strewn sands and a double helping of roaring traffic on the narrow main road full of a mixture of loutsa drivers (these include the ‘ I am dead at the wheel and am practicing to ensure that the rest of you will die of old age behind me, or die of a head on collision trying to pass me’ and the ‘I am a young trendy and driving my dad’s Mercedes at a speed aimed to impress my airhead girlfriend and my windstream will strip any mad pedestrian’)

Running was headed by Mother Fucker who was a bit incontinent as usual and kept popping up like a mad Punch and Judy puppet around corners in the opposite direction and Bookmaker and FT testing each other on his home track…..he still got lost (sorry did his own trail)…. Fair Cop was a true gentleman hare and kept Pink Jenny company at the back and pointed out useful shortcuts and F trail avoidance tactics. The rest of the pack avoided the traffic, dogshit and curious Loutsa home owners and made it back in good shape to enjoy the festivities.

Of which there was much and many….and the ranks were swelled by late comers ( I hope they paid their hash cash?) and new hashers….I can’t call em virgins as they did not partake of the exercise and so remain un violated. We had a very polite and subdued circle on the balcony ( which meant everyone had to drink their Dio as they couldn’t chuck it!) Men-In-Gytis received his 75 badge and retired to internet heaven in Fair Cops office ASDL and 3 screens to chose from…..wot more could a 13year old ask for? No answers to that as I am his doting mother and do not need to know…..

Bin Bag was a bit peeved that he could not be named immediately as Tony appreciated his possible new hash nom de plume so much that he spent the night begging for it not to come true ……if only he knew how much worse it could get eh?

We all ate far too much and some people got slightly inebriated…..you know who you are and so can relate your own hangover stories ad infinitum as attachments (preferably with photos) to Maddog.

Games were played, the rules to which were known only to Fair Cop and Wet Dream and kept changing and developing as more people enjoyed lying on the floor in close proximity to each others’ privates……c the photos if you don’t believe me and the quiz was a huge success although Bookmaker hasn’t stopped sulking that he did not win……

It was FAB anyway so if you weren’t there it should be added to your lifetime list of regrets which include shagging that guy/girl/animal that you met at the last Hash Xmas Party

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