(Run 1450)


Bit of confusion this week hashers as there had been ructions in the week….uproar and mayhem, followed by immense megabit emails and the pit opening b4 us as we had a very bad case of POLITIKS and had to face the future chastened and changed by our disease but a few strong immune individuals followed the info in Clitoria’s hash trash…. sent out for that purpose and arrived at a convalescents hour of Midday in an attempt to compromise with the hash partyites…. but then only Clit managed to hold the flame of the true hasher and party til 4am and turn out to hash in the agreed place the next day…. although we had a few other very good excuses including falling asleep while driving home from Love Bug….. a highly commended rosette awaits her next hash…..

So getting on to the real business of hashing we gathered a nice group willing to run and walk in the sunshine and Bookmaker set an unusually short trail ( for him that is) and off we went with an ON ON up the hill as Kum Kwik and Scrubber led the walkers off for a stroll. We had Mountain Goat and All Day Sucker up front with FT and Cock’s Tale following along and explaining the traditions to Joe an almost Virgin as we found our way through a number of tricky Fs and Clitoria managed to front run for a while and Fair Cop held the pack together as we stretched the muscles and lungs ready for our beer drinking and fun circle.

We all arrived back within minutes of each other….surprisingly the walkers too, so a bit of a 1st there I must say…well done KK. We then met our real virgins a nice Greek guy and his South African wife (anyone who knows their names please add them in here)… I gave the Penis to Scrubber as I didn’t think I could trust Clit with it again and Cock’s Tale keeps popping off to Germany every now and again so too risky there. All Day Sucker handed the new Shit of the Week award to Clitoria cos she was too quiet and Fair Cop as Master of Song closed the short sweet circle with a short sweet ditty and we all went to the taverna 2 minutes walk away and had a fab lunch with lots of wine and beer for very little SANTA MARIA is the name and highly recommended to those of you that missed it…..just read your hash trash and you will find it.

ON ON to Alldays’ Hash up on Parnitha…..and let us all hope that the Hash will be fully recovered by then from its little dose of ………