A late start to give the real runners a chance to finish the 16km of the Round Parnitha Annual Road Race…..we had a number of entries including Strawberry Foreskin, Banger and Mash, Cleopatra and Shaggy Dog and Tortoise did the 5km kiddies run (Shaggy Dog won inadvertently as she set off 10 mins b4 everyone else but she was so totally embarrassed about it we had to forgive her!)

VENUE Top of Parnitha

HARE : Mountain Goat and Bambi and his mother……

So MG found a beautiful spot on the top of the firclad slopes of Parnitha to collect the AHHH. He must have searched far and wide to ensure the ambience was just right to host a Sunday Hash…..the car park rubbish dump of the EOT ruined hotel that looks like an extreme example of Soviet architecture at its 1950s heights…..suited us down to the ground!

Bit on the chilly side to be honest but great running temperature so we had no dead bodies littering the place like the Great North Run a few weeks back….the Geordies couldn’t cope with temperature topping 25degrees.

Lots of people and all up for it, so maybe 12 midday is a better start time for the temporally challenged hasher? We had some returnees in the shape of Gerry and Georgina his wife, and Pubic Transport who has recovered enough from Multiple Rocket Launcher giving birth to their daughter 2 months ago that he managed to reach his feet and put his running shoes on. We also had 3 virgins in the shape of Self Service’s son, a French lady called Elsa, and a Greek lady called Margarita. Wow great stuff then eh?

And a great run set by MG who kept telling us of all the deer he had seen, and bears he had heard the day b4 setting the trail in the rain…..of course no sign of anything other than what, after serious examination at close quarters was identified at deer shit….apparently there were hashers who could recognise the stuff without skidding through it !

We had lots of proper running on forest trails and little side roads, good use of the back check, and a fab view stop up the top looking all over Athens. We all enjoyed it immensely didn’t we boys and girls?....... Yes we did.

So all back at the circle, Spanish Fly tried to preside as GM but she has got to take more testosterone to get a gruffer louder voice to drown out the proliferation of knitting circles around the circle….so SF stepped up to the plate and rammed home the DIOs. Gerry very kindly brought t shirts from the mother hash in Kuala Lumpur to give away in the circle, and we had the unveiling of a new penis which was given to Deep Throat to test drive for the week. We had a few issues with the Missing Shit of the Week award which has gone AWOL and so luckily there was an old toilet seat among the rubbish which was presented to Spanish Fly, in whose vehicle the original Shit of the Week was last seen……. I am sure she will remember it next time and she has been disinfected with beer so as not to spread any social or anti social diseases.

Fair Cop led us in some wonderful singing and I think we should appoint him Master of the Song taking effect immediately…..but as I am lowly editorial staff what would I know….me make a decision….more than my life is worth…..make a small hint like suggestion to the mis-management committee….possibly but only if they ever read my weekly outpourings.

I am still seriously concerned about Hash Cash Heather not having an alias…..in fact I spent a whole sleepless minute thinking about it last night…..and would like to hint in a very subdued but not sinister or Machiavellian manner that perhaps at some point in the near future i.e. b4 snows start to fall, that a naming ceremony might be a Good Thing. Apparently she spent the island weekend puking in a bucket so I thought HEAVER might be appropriate ………

ON ON to Hasia care of Rear Entry…..oh and Twisted Bitch mentioned that she is having her Halloween party on November 5th and we should all start making our costumes……plenty of notice so no excuse for any more naked appearances as Rosemary’s baby okay?