HASH SHIT SUNDAY 11TH OF SEPTEMBER….some odd time like 5pm for some odd reason like AGM (AGPU)

VENUE KRIONERI and this time it wasn’t that cold ‘cos the last time we were here in the snow

HARE (s) THRUSH CLEOPATRA SHAGGY DOG and TORTOISE and I bet Katie no name had to go with them too

So long time no see folks…..did u miss me eh eh?? No obviously not as I never even got a DIO as a returnee….but Love Bug did and she had only been gone for a week….not that I am complaining (more than my job would be worth eh?) about special treatment for LB (just cos she is pretty and got blondish hair and a lovely smile) BUT oh nevermind I have better things to complain about….

So Thrush the hare eh? I was still recovering from the last one to be honest and all the good runners from back then have since pissed off….Wee Mac and Bushman for a start, and present day good runners were few on the ground (what was the excuse Banger and Mash?) but thank the lord Triple Sex and the triplets turned up to run us into the ground on a trail that looked suspiciously 4x4 wheel vehicle laid to me….but wot do I know?…Thrush swore he made the kids run round it while he stayed in the jeep and as Tortoise ran off as soon as the words ON ON died on Maddog’s lips and led the way round nicely ignoring all the Fs he had set he was probably telling the truth…… we were especially lucky that jealous Bitchski turned out and ran all the Fs for everyone.

Mmmmmm so I remember this Hashing stuff but I don’t remember it taking this long b4…..a bit excessive for a Sunday nite with us all needing to get to the BBQ to cast our votes at the AGM and trash Thrush and Cleo’s pad. We had a long uphill haul and then down a bit, left a bit and up a bit and then a long straight bit with a few Fs that made Bookmaker and Mountain Goat run off into the bushes together to appear on trail again about an hour later….maybe they knew about an old beer stop lost in the bushes from 10years ago? Then we had a real ‘beer stop’ and a ‘song stop’ and a ‘catch your breath stop’ and a ‘fuck me I am knackered and how come the triplets can still run circles round me stop’ til we finally ‘stopped’

We had a circle that was very much interuptus with all the families popping down to the cemetery for a trip out on a Sunday nite….you know the sort of thing….’shall we pop to see gran tonight? Yes but don’t bother with the grapes….’

We tried to speed things up so we could light the bbq b4 sundown but once Maddog and All Day Sucker get those DIO mugs in their sights there is no holding them back…..so they handed a few out for different reasons….none of which were memorable enough to remember 2 weeks later. I do remember there was a nice new chap….english…bit non descript ….quiet and self effacing ……very unusual for a AHHHer but it takes all sorts and some of the Harriets got a DIO for assaulting a man on a motorbike who they mistook for Oxymoron…..common problem with Harriets…..big fat bald man on bike …..fancy a bit of that!

Then we went to ON INN at Thrush’s and some hashers got voted onto the MisManagement Committee…..I am sure Maddog will lend a hand and fill in the blanks for me.

GM a woman for a change with a german accent and a Spanish name

Me for editiorial

Heather as Hash Cash…..she better get named quick…..we have never had anyone look after the cash b4 that didn’t have an alias…..

And a few other people stayed the same or changed around and some others sulked…..just like UK general election then.

On On to Aegina but I ain’t going so someone else make sure u take notes and preferably not on dirty underpants again.