So let us go through the process of where to set your trail and what you need to ensure you have as a hare…….of course this hare’s name is self service so we should have known what to expect really…..

So, chose an easily accessible spot with easy parking and ensure signs are set at strategic points along the route to help and encourage hashers on their way……do not chose to pass through Ag Paraskevis square on AG PARASKEVIS name day so that the square and all roads leading in and out are cordoned off and have hash signs pointing down roads that are closed by police road blocks…..

At the start of the hash make sure you have brought everything with you, as per the HARE GUIDELINES LIST ( look on the website written in plain English). This is to help you start on time, as you do not have to go backwards and forwards to the kiosk / supermarket to buy water ( how would you know hashers need water on a summer sweltering evening where we sweat in the shade standing still ????), beer, always best to liaise with the beermeister nice and early to know how much beer might miraculously appear of its own accord…..not much been recorded so far…….

So finally after 27 phone calls round the hash to explain where NOT TO TURN OFF and where to IGNORE HASH SIGNS, and SELF SERVICE had ‘popped to the shops’ a couple of times with a bemused look on his face…we were ready to start hashing as the sun was ready to start setting on Hymettos…..

B4 the off we welcomed a new boot, old hasher from the US, taking over from Gobby Biggles trying to sell weaponry to the Greeks, PAVAROTTI . To make him feel welcome Maddog gave him the horn to carry for good measure. I suppose we might as well try to put people off as much as possible from the start to ensure they REALLY WANT to Hash with AHHH…..

The walkers gathered in a huddle round KumKwik and voted him in as leader, as they thought they could all make it round any walk he could manage, and set off in the opposite direction to the runners as our shadows grew longer on the purple stone of the mountain…..

I have to say we had a fairly good trail, well marked, with cunning use of available flora. This meant in reality we were unable to actual run much of it, as we always seemed to veer off up or down the sides of the mountain through prickly bushes, just when an open track appeared for us to stretch our legs on! Oh well at least there was copious blue especially to the double Fs and we all had our legs scratched to bits in equal measure, just some of us complained about it a bit more, eh Jealous Bitchski??

The ON INN made up for all that as we hit the tarmac downhill and all went for it, imagining the roaring crowd waiting for us at the stadium with the medals and champagne! Well we passed the walkers and they encouraged us with a couple of ON ONs!!

Excellent timing, all back down the mountain b4 the light went completely, about to enjoy the fun and games of the circle…..oops what was that I mentioned about LOCATION, choice of, suitable??? Self Service had outdone himself again, as the Navy Military Police passed by and gave us 10 minutes to get the hell out b4 they locked the gate, and us, in for the night…..

So we scooped up the beers and haberdash, threw Pink Jenny back in her truck and trundled to relocate the circle just the other side of the check point……

Circle Business in note format as we got through a lot and I am tired of typing:

Hare DIO,

New Boot Pavarotti welcomed again,

Hash Shit went from FT, with a bandage added to make it more comfy to HEATHER who complained she had no hash gear/kit to wear as none of it was big enough to fit her, well the toilet seat was quite a snug fit……

Gobby Biggles was leaving and so we told her to Fuck Off and gave her a certificate with rude anecdotes on it and she reminded us all to visit her in New Mexico but she did not hand out any tickets….she will probably send them in time for next Hash

Virgins Kostas and Sylvie were paraded and serenaded with our French anthem ‘ou est le papier’

FT got the FRB award cos Mash had gone home early

Bookmaker gave the half a hash brain award to Self Service for his lack of one.

Bookmaker told a joke that seemed quite funny at the time but as usual no one can remember now.

Everyone then decided to make a convoy to SS pad for Pimms and Pasta (wot togther yuk???), presumably avoiding the Plateia, and the night closed in around us as fireworks saw us off the premises.

ON ON to Spanish Fly as the Hare with everything and German precision thrown in, venue Syngrou Park, Marousi, just off Kifissias Ave, plenty of parking, no locked gates and not a Panagyri in sight!