MONDAY 18TH July 2005 7pm

VENUE : ANO (up 2 u) VOULA

HARE (s) FIERY TWAT and helped in the walking departyment by John the American

So,, not only was it bad enough I had to spend my birthday, and various days pre –birthday, recceying, laying and running a hash…..followed by bribing and abusing my friends to organise my own birthday party to follow at my sultry apartment…..no that was not enough, but to pile insult on top of injury….I had to take all the photos and write my own hash shit….no wonder I tried my best to kill ‘em all on the way round.

Good planning ensured that the temperature was the highest this year and topped 37degrees as we gathered with fab views all over the coastline from Pireaus to Sounion and a few islands thrown in for good measure. The beer was cooked to perfection and we had time to throw some ice on it and watch it sizzle before we set off. We were a bit of a Quality Street selection with skinny little toffees that stick to your teeth and big fat strawberry fondants melting in the sauna that Athens had turned into…..all shaken up in our tin of AHHH….

Complaints, I have heard a few (sung to Regrets by Frank Sinatra) and Lean Over is going to have to get a new hobby after reaching new heights in the whingeing category that now disqualifies her from further opinion giving. The walkers were led off trail by John and I will leave him to make his own excuses as to how this happened after I had coached him round and he has the most expensive up to date, all singing all dancing GPS system known to US military personnel…..and he has had years of practice of finding his way in the featureless desert of Saudi….I suppose having all the clues of mountain in front go up, turn, sea in front go down……it was all a bit confusing.

Never mind, back to the runners who were complaining in unison on the number of Fs whether they could find them or not, obvious checks, which in fact turned out to be anything BUT obvious and the apparent sadistic tendency of the hare (FT) to throw in a small incline every now and again…..I always feel it my duty to challenge brother and sister hhhers to push out the envelope, go the extra mile and take in a 40 degree cliff face to really appreciate the honour of running with the AHHH and in so doing, realise their achievements and be roundly rewarded for them in the circle…….

Ooops Hic !!!! It was I that was roundly rewarded and was induced to rehydrate with 5 DIOs in short succession…..meaning that I am now the only AHHHer who doesn’t remember the circle…..there seemed to be 3 times as many people there as when we started…..or the ACE party enjoyed at my house with curries and rice , yummy sweet stuff and a bath full of beer…….But I am certain they all had a good time looking at the mess I woke up to at 7am the next morning…..did they have a curry throwing competition?

BTW this is the LAST party I am throwing that I don’t remember going to…..

ON ON to Self Service in Ag Paraskevi…if you call him up he will give u a map!!