VENUE: Somewhere beginning with K on Hymettos…..ask Clitoria!


Hot night for the hot girls to set a trail but we were shadowed by the fire truck so no unauthorised combustion occurred. Big turn out to see what the girls could come up with in old hash territory….no virgins for a change but an old returnee back after 3 years in the shape of Jackie Atwood otherwise known as Half or Full Board /Bored, she wasn’t sure cos it was such a long time since she hashed….shame on her, apparently she has a life…..

Well organized beers and softies nicely cooled, in fact the domestic side was well done all round, including Banger convincing the Beer Meister to turn up early. Poor Oxy didn’t know what to do when faced with the prospect of being ON TIME and had to use some brain power deciding whether to walk the walker’s trail , or walk the runner’s trail, or run the walker’s trail, or run the runner’s trail…..we do like to offer alternatives on AHHH these days. In the end he decided to sit on the wall for a bit while he decided…..and forgot to get up and join us!

Big pack led by the usual suspect front runners of Mash, Bookmaker, Mountain Goat, FT and Mother F*cker following the detailed directions of the ON ON ….it’s up…..to a nicely camouflaged F….so back down to our first obvious CHECK. The problem with being in old hash territory is that most checks are obvious, as we have done them all before and you just guess which way round we are doing it this time. But this speeds up the running and gets us back to the beer quicker, although we did savour the fab views out over Athens on the way round, and as usual Bookmaker still made up his own trail and short-cutted to excess.

So back at the circle, we commandeered the picnic tables and Dwarf Blower and F*ck U Gasper set up a stall to tempt us to buy their olive oil by offering us tasters but it all turned sour as AHHH decided the oil was much better for rubbing on body parts and enjoyed a break in tradition where Gasper had to wear his DIO in oil helped by Clit and FT of course!

We passed on the Shit of the Week from One Nite Stand to Clitoria cos 1nite said Clit stole her thunder???!!!

Strawberry insisted on welcoming last week’s virgins, John and Kalliope AGAIN cos he hadn’t been there the first time. This was possibly as we seem to have a new harriette who likes to expose herself and insisted we checked out her boys boxers and her bum…..looks like I could have some competition on the stripping stakes!

Bookmaker tried to give a new award made up of a vandalized HHH sign, which is only half a sign with string attached , for short cutting offences or fences, but Strawberry insisted we try that new system we sometimes adopt, DIMOKRASI, we like the krasi bit anyway, and we all demanded Bookmaker got the award for being the biggest most blatant SCB known in Hashdom.

Pink Jenny told a long and pointless story of her being caught out by a flasher in overalls and she denied recognising the offending member, but Hamish had to sit down and cover his bits until she had finished so we have our suspicions……

We then had a number of very forgettable proctologist jokes including one from Strawberry which we have put on the internet to see if anyone can explain it to us…. Self Service promised he would not join the joke telling fraternity until he has finished his new memory therapy.

We went to the taverna which has refused to have us twice before due to bad behaviour and nakedness, but they have gone upmarket and seem to have forgotten us, so we had some good nosh…but no rabbit, despite us being in Kareas, which, for some unknown reason, claims the dish as its local speciality….I have never seen a rabbit in Kareas……maybe they have cooked them all?

ON ON to Kefalari and another Girlie Hash hared by Dwarf Blower and One Nite Stand…..lets she if she turns up for her own hash this time……. Remember it is 4th of July so they haven’t promised us any fireworks but we are going to support a worthwhile American Institution on this historic date…..ON IN at PIZZA HUT!!!