A mother and son affair…….no not that sort of affair!

We set out with the blinding sun…..blinding us and the air parching our throats every time we took a step.

She set me off to lay the walkers trail saying it was easy and short and not uphill and all I had to do was turn right every now and then and put big blue W in a circle every time I turned…..she then ran off into the distance with wicked ideas of how many long Fs she was going to fool the AHHHs with…..why oh why was I born the son of FT……

Okay that is enough MIG u r supposed to be revising for the exams not running your mouth off in my hash shit…..go sit quietly in the taverna and read your Geography book while I drink some beer…….I set a fabulous trail for real runners and everyone loved it, except Peter the American who fell over…..

MIG here again….taking my chance while FT gets another beer from the fridge…so there I was turning right and pottering along sending messages to my latest 3 girlfriends when I hit the river……FT had not mentioned any rivers had she???? Especially green slimy ones with dead things floating in it??? NOW WOT DO I DO…the walkers would never go through that and I would have a mutiny on my hands….so I set my own trail and kept shtum with mum…..generally my best piece of advice for anyone dealing with FT….don’t tell her anything…

So back on the AH we had a grand gathering including Thunder Thighs visiting from the UK, and another visitor who should become a regular Steve, a BEB (British Embassy Brat) and a real Virgin, a nice LADY DOCTOR called Christina who Godfrey ( a returnee from 3years…) brought along. This was the only reason all the male hashers complained about my trail…..to c if they could interest Christina in checking out their aches and pains…..although the number of groin strains was a little surprising as we did no uphills…….

As usual a fabulous trail set by ME. Boy do I know how to keep ‘em guessing and cursing and all together as a pack. The praise and thanks I received after the run was UNDERWHELMING and I am saving my acceptance speech for an InterHash….

So as the sun gently slid passed the horizon and the air cooled off, we enjoyed our DIOs which had been specially heated to spunk temperature (Suck All Week/Day noted but we got no reply as to how he would know). Maddog had returned to officiate and did a damn fine job of being the rabid animal we all love so well.

We had the general round up of opinions on the trails and it seems that there were NO COMPLAINTS from the WALKERS…..wot could have happened …..they always complain…..too short….too long….too hot, cold, green, yellow or red….u can NEVER make ‘em happy. Lose them yes….make ‘em happy no…. MIG must have some explaining to do eh??

I was awarded everything including the Shit of the Week, although the Penis is still AWOL….. We got Peter for bleeding without permission, we had Michaela and Venetsia pouring the beers and a lovely pair they make…..Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee perhaps? Shiva and Suck for some period of time were trying to convince people they were ready for the OLYMPUS MARATHON….are they mad???? Well in Shiva’s case we have overwhelming evidence to prove the case….the jury is still out on Suck and Michael J…..

Taverna was excellent and if it gets any cheaper they will be paying us to go…. Thank god they had COLD BEER and we hope Oxymoron took the hint that the beer is not supposed to live in the back of the Pussy Mobile all week as boiling beer is a SIN which denies AHHHers of alcohol.

ON ON to Pink Jenny’s activity ( might be a run, walk, trail, well it will be outside and we will be able to drink beer so it will sort of be a Hash)