HASH SHIT MONDAY 23RD MAY ...yup it is supposed to be summer so we are turning up at 7pm on Mondays now until when we decide it is winter again…..

RUN NUMBER….I am not putting this in anymore as I don’t know and don’t care….ed. pls add as required  [Run 1425, twit!  ED.]

VENUE : Papagou rubbish dump car park, as basically it was the only place the hare was sure to find and needed only one hash sign as the hare was…..

HARE; Oxymoron or Oxymoronas in Greek…..apparently he has hared b4 but no one can remember when and as he has never run a trail and has only ever turned up on time by accident…..so we were really asking for it putting him in charge!

PERSON RESPONSIBLE: The Hare Raizer of course who allowed Oxy the chance to set a run……

Oxy was a bit late…..but better than usual, but he turns up in a shirt and tie and Gucci shoes??? Bit of a giveaway he did not intend to run much. He always has a good excuse for his lateness but this time he could not use the usual ones of not knowing the way or thinking Spata was Sparti etc….so this time he said he was late because Greece won the Eurovision Song Contest….go on ask him next time u c him, he would love to explain cos it makes him sound important and therefore powerful….which attracts women….which is good as nothing else would attract them….other than his cuddlyness and pussy mobile….

So he was there, but had forgotten half the things he was supposed to bring and also had left his mobile phone next to the one hash sign he had to put up…so he left again, having given vague directions to me FT as to where the trail was….he also screamed something as he squealed off….but no one heard him…..we found out later the vital piece of information he was trying to impart was the flour was YELLOW…….good choice Oxy!

Anyway we milled about for a bit, laughed at Pink Jenny as she missed the hash sign and went sailing passed, despite us having met in the same spot on average 3 times a year for the passed century…. And decided that we better start running as this was Monday Night and the sun would soon be leaving and going for sleepies…..

So other than the fact we could not find the trail as it was YELLOW and very sporadic at best, we had a great time running next to, over and under the ATTIKI ODOS….which is a new feature to Papagou hashing. It makes it much easier as you know once you cross over you have to cross back at some point for the ON INN, which some of us saw and some of us didn’t.

As per usual all the runners were back b4 the walkers as Strawberry was leading them and decided to give them a ‘walk for their money’

And so to the circle. Strawberry and Suck all Day /Week officiating welcoming a Virgin called Jamie from the British Embassy…..we have a lot of them now with Clitoria, Delhi Boy and Mash the old triumvate also attending. Jamie was not phased as he looks like a bit of a rugger bugger and drank his DIO so quick we decided to have DRINK OFF between Delhi Boy, the DIO champ on AHHH and himself ….but Strawberry insisted that they take up position 413 from the Karma Sutra ( copies available at Eleftheroudakis in full colour) and Delhi lost ‘cos he is too tall and couldn’t twist his neck at the right angle to pour the beer down his throat. He called for a rematch so watch out Jamie!

We also welcomed a visitor and now new AHHHer Hippy Longstocking from Geneva. I never read the books but apparently she should have plaits sticking out sideways from her head to be in full attire….she doesn’t like beer, but got on well with the wine in the taverna later. She also mentioned they have some new songs in Geneva so hopefully she will share them on the next Hash….she could be a desperately needed Song Master…..

We also had a few jokes which were incomprehensible , especially the one about the JAP which Michael the American tried to explain to Pink Jenny but got nowhere. We gave him a DIO and a song for the American was called for and so we piped up with :

What a Wank, what a wank what a wank wank wank!!

Which went down extremely well….even Michael cracked a smile but that was maybe cos it was bringing back memories…who knows!

ON ON to the FAB ISLAND WEEKEND on NAXOS…..sorry I can’t be with you……and then my STUPENDOUS MONDAY NITE RUN on June 6th