HARE: ALL DAY SUCKER (I finally got it right hurrah!)

VENUE : a forest glade on the top of Parnitha….just past the fairy ring, 2nd toadstool on the left

We all met and felt slightly queasy after the twisting turning road up Parnitha…or maybe after Mythos excess …you chose depending on how much sympathy we get.

FT was on the subs bench this week as THE HORSE tried to kill her AGAIN….Bookmaker will have to find another life insurance policy soon as these horsey accidents are beginning to look a bit fishy…..

So FT writing the hash shit was severely handicapped by not having actually done the run……but as knowing nothing about a subject has never stopped me pontificating about it in detail in a lengthy and boring manner… we go!

Lots of people with horrors turned up as they seemed to think there was free babysitting and an adventure playground. In fact FT ignored all the brats and encouraged violence as long as it was out of earshot…..the horrors 1st plan was overheard…..Joe Delhi Boy horror…..’let’s hit each other with big sticks’ Naw reply the offspring of All Day Sucker…’that’s boring, lets race around on our bikes and hit other kids with big sticks’…….

Anyway back to the run….lots of hashers disappeared into the bush calling at intervals and then fell off the face of the earth for a 2 hour period during which FT Maddog, Multiple Rocket Launcher and Spanish Fly lazed around and sunbathed until Hamish turned up and joined us, so we got the beer out to celebrate……

When the dribs and drabs returned they were all hysterical and gibbering the same thing over and over again (imagine Quasimodo shouting ‘ the bells…the bells’ while hunching and slavering)…..we finally made out what they were trying to say…..’the loop….the loop…..agggghhhhhh the loop!’……maybe someone could explain why this made All Day Sucker snigger in a disgusting manner.

Sorry can’t remember the circle stuff as was concentrating on recuperating as the doctor suggested….lots of painkillers and muscle relaxants………well best medicine known to man/boy and hasher is BEER so slurp slurp ON ON to SPATA and another BOOKMAKER trail……..