RODOPOLI – 6th March 2005

HARE: Love Bug…a virgin hare

VENUE: I think it was Rodopoli…. But the bits of Penteli’s backside are all becoming a bit of a blur.

Starting place was in the same area as usual….with a small twist. This time we took over the church and spring car park that we normally leave for the faithful….but as Love Bug is Greek Orthodox we presumed she knew what was allowed or not on a Sunday morning ………

Good gathering of usuals, unusuals and extra-terrestials…..oh and Clive Alexander Schofield turned up…Where the F R we….who seems to like having a leaving do and a tearful goodbye, followed by a surprised hello and fancy seeing you here snog with available harriettes.

Love Bug told us in lots of detail not to worry about the boring bits cos after a bit it would get more interesting…..and in the end we had to tell her to shut the f up as she was about to hand out maps with annotated notes on places of interest on the route. She can’t help it, once a travel agent always a travel agent eh?

And so to the off…along great tracks in a generally uphill direction, with fab views down to Nea Makri and Schinias. Apparently this was the boring bit….cos we could actually do some running (hey runners are hashers too u know!) At this point Love Bug’s general haring experience went through a rocky patch, and so did we as she had a couple or 3 of checks one on top of the other and then veered off up the scree. We managed to keep in general order as we spread out like beaters across a grouse moor searching for the blue/ pink/purple…LB wasn’t sure….lilac perhaps, which she had sprinkled like talc on a babies bum and rubbed in well for good measure……. But we knew we must be alright when we hit the cemetery as AHHH are partial to a ‘the dead centre of Penteli’ and are drawn like flies to dogshit whenever a headstone appears.

We had a bit of a HS check as the hounds milled round and found nothing and did a bit more HeadScratching and finally realised that BushMan had disappeared over the horizon blowing the horn and that might be a clue we should follow him?? So off we gambolled and swore as LB put in a naughty little F at a smelly pond and the pack split as some Lazy Bastards refused to go back to find the trail, but lead by Thrush scaled the rubbish tip mountain…..and soon we found the ON INN down the tarmac road which allowed for a good stretch of the legs b4 we hit the circle.

LB was rewarded for her good 1st effort on setting a trail. DIOs caught the attention of the grandmothers filling their water bottles at the spring we were generally tutted at and got lots of crosses signed at us as if to warn off the evil eye. Nevermind we got on with business to humiliate and get pissed, preferably at the same time.

Sorry to say I have a hazy recollection of the circle other than Bookmaker had forgotten the Hash Shit of the Week Award again…..he later sent it in with a screw attached, saying Oxymoron was always asking for a good screw….so he had obliged.

FT also tried to draw attention to the anal nature of Bookmaker, as he had carefully changed all the mistakes on the Porto Germenos’ cap from his 600th run, but was double crossed as he had swapped hats….Bookie thought this was sooooo funny he was still relating the story to strangers in the street 3 weeks later.

ON ON to lots of great hashes that I have not had time to attend so hope someone else has finished the remedial writing course so they can do the joined up writing and know the difference between sentences and paragraphs…. and AHHH history is not lost to posterity……