HARE: DELHI BOY ( or as he should now be known THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN)

VENUE; KRIONERI (for non Greek speakers roughly translates as cold waters) and boy was it cold……


(by the way lots of abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand due to frostbite in all ten digits)

What the f**k is wrong with AHHHers these days???? Any normal individual wakes up, scratches his/her arse/fanny/tw*t , looks out the window, sees the snowflakes whirling, goes back to bed …….

So wot the F was the AHHH doing with over 40 people turning up through a blizzard to park their cars in Krioneri and walk to the Hash start all pumped up and raring 2 go?? Go figure……skating would b nice…….

Delhi Boy had done us proud and turned up, set his hash, and set it again, and one more time for good luck, double checking little spots where the snow was not drifting and splashed the blue on cliff faces, trees, and protected corners…..it was better set than most summer hashes in the park….despite over a foot of snow in places, so well done DB.

We gathered in a rising wind and it must have been minus 10 with the wind chill. You can check when the temperature drops to this level, ‘cos the dewdrop (snotty bit) at the end of yr nose becomes an icicle.

It was a gathering of disparate clans, and reminded me of the Lord of the Rings when the company of 9 try to cross Caradhras and are turned back by the onslaught of snow (get yr own copy and don’t just read the gory bits!)…..we had little ones (including Katie hash horror belonging to Thrush and Cleopatra) she was obviously a hobbit, to Suck all Week ( a Gimli look alike if ever u saw one) although probably Mountain Goat has a better posture and I would like to see him wield an axe, joint RA Strawberry Foreskin doing a passable Gandalf with his wizardy hat, and Aragorn our Delhi Boy with his tights and far off expression….he has the beard for it 2. Harriettes had to step in for the genderless elf Legolas…especially as Tolkein liked his women tucked away at home til the last possible moments…..just like the dreams of the original AHHH when it was men only.

Anyway sorry back to Krioneri…it was slippy as hell, deep drifts in places, and you had to be careful where you put your feet at all times and that was just in the picnic place full of rubbish and dog turds. Luckily it was all frozen and with the light dusting of snow was almost attractive…..oops sorry hypothermia gets to you and turns yr brains to mush….bit like FAXE then eh?

Anyway on the trail we all froze, got wet, fell over, and snowballed our way round. As is becoming customary the runners arrived back with no sign of the walkers with car keys….bad planning in these temperatures, so we had to form a friendly huddle under the brolly to keep the body heat in and those in the middle are still feeling violated!

Finally walkers rescued by jeep and circle brought to order. It seemed we had a few virgins, but no details remain as by this time I was shivering so much I had to concentrate on not spilling my beer. We had Bookmaker officiating so I am sure it was all in order and we had a visitor RA from somewhere warm called Bushman who did a DIO or 2 or 3 but he is german so no one got the humour….

That’s all from the frozen north HHHers

ON ON to somewhere….can we hash inside next week…..round a fireplace with lots of mulled wine and some cheese on sticks and we could play trivial pursuit later and toast marshmallows and have chestnuts……oops its either 2 cold in here or this is the 4th Faxe I just popped…..time to go…… FT