….. a bit delayed to Sunday 2nd Jan 2005 but at least we got the year right.

VENUE Politia, Northern suburbs in the hope snow might have interrupted hashing.

HARE Rear Entry and a 2005 Pitta ( a traditional flat cake we have in Greece for good luck).

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Hashers and other wa**kers

Beautiful sunshine shone out of a clear blue sky as we collected our gear and various visitors and in some cases opened our eyes for the 1st time following the Hash New Year party at Maddog’s.

We had the pleasure of 2 true blue hash visitors SUCKER THE FUCKER from London hash and Preston Pete alias ALIASS from Preston presumably, altho’ he is always on the move around world hashes so who knows whether he has even been to Preston??

Great turnout of old and new to welcome in the new year and get a bit of exercise to unclog the arteries. Rear Entry had set a good trail once we finally got started as we had a bit of trouble locating the 1st blue and invented a few Falsies of our own. Up front we had Mountain Goat, Banger and Mash and The Bookmaker and bringing up the rear Pop Up had remembered he was a hasher and returned to the fold and Cereal Whinger who whinged his way round as usual.

Aliass was so sweet as we pounded up and down the tracks of Pendeli, saying he would rather be hashing with the AHHH on a beautiful sunny January day with his mates the AHHHers than having prolonged sex with Miss World…..Gobby Biggles agreed wholeheartedly but only cos she had had the choice of prolonged sex with Aliass and Sucker the Fucker the night before…..

Rear Entry made good use of the checks and ensured that they were long and unguessable even by the old timers. He also set a few nice long F’s to ensure there were no complaints about the trail being too short. Danger was lurking the whole way round as ALICE the hash hound either ran in front and stopped dead to trip u up, or ran an inch behind your knee to knock u flying on the downhill. Major A told me in detail how long it had taken him to train Alice to hone her skills in this manner, but I missed the last bit as I went flying into a thorn bush…..

We lost a few on the way round as Mountain Goat and Bookmaker both decided they knew where the trail was heading and disappeared over the horizon in opposite directions and puffed in late to derision. The front running bastards this week (FRBs) were Blue Nun and FT….GIRL POWER ROOLS OK?

Back at the circle we cut the Pitta cake in the traditional manner, 1st piece for Christ (which we gave to Strawberry as the Religious Advisor in attendance) and 2nd piece for the home (which Alice managed to grab) and the lucky coin was found by Joe, Delhi Boy’s son.

We had a few awards including Clemmie’s 25th (another horror from the Delhi family) She was too shy to get her DIO lemonade so Joe her big brother did it for her.

Rear Entry got his 100 mug a bit late and Blue Nun got a 25 badge too.

The Shit of the Week was found in the back of Banger’s car and so she was made to keep it as she should have been wearing it for the circle. It will give her a chance to add the 2nd sock to make a pair. Gobby Biggles happily handed on the Penis award ( she says she didn’t need it anymore with S the F and Aliass spending another nite with her) and recognised the need of some of the more mature honeys, as maybe their better halves cannot be as regular as they had been in the past and Gunga Din received it with aplomb and a little smile.

S the F’er took over the circle for a while as a visiting RA and had us in stitches relating how Strawberry had spent long minutes trying to change the TV over at Maddog’s New Year Bash…….only to have it pointed out he was trying to use a mobile phone not the remote control…….good story well told.

We closed the circle while Aliass was peeing (it was the only time we had a chance to get a word in as he was impressing the honeys with tales of him being the BEST FUCK IN PRESTON….except no one was available to substantiate the claim and Gobby Biggles didn’t know what position Preston was???)

To the strains of Sweet Chariot the circle came to an end and AHHH wandered off in the direction of the taverna and more beer…..ON ON to Papagou and many more 2005 hashes with the AHHH.

Fiery Tw*t