BOXING DAY HASH surprisingly held on 26th of January as it just happened to be a Sunday and 11am came round so we went ahashing…..

Venue Ag Paraskevi…..where we confusingly normally do the Mince Pie Hash

Hare The Bookmaker as he could not convince anyone else to set it


Just what a good hasher needs after a Xmas day of festive eating, drinking and debauchery is to run up and down a few mountains and sing a few carols so Bookmaker kindly provided the trail and assorted hashers helped with the carols.

We gathered in front of another Monastery….apparently other hashes gather outside pubs/bars but we have a penchant for the religious venue where we can rub shoulders with the devout of Athens and leave them with the true feeling of wonder having seen people talking in tongues…..when we are actually pissed and slurring a bit more than usual. Bookmaker provided a hot cauldron of mulled wine to warm our cockles and then a nice uphill falsie to warm the rest of us….

A good turnout of runners for Boxing Day, even though Pop Up had deserted and taken prisoners with him on the poncey Boxing Day walk on Pendeli…shame on him, he should be stripped of his position and soundly whipped and tarred and feathered….and stripped again….ooooohhhhh sorry maybe just a DIO then as the Honey’s will get too excited.

We had a nice Canadian virgin called Ben who was a good runner and despite our best efforts we did not manage to lose him like we normally do with Canadian virgins. The trail was well marked and a couple of back checks and long falsies meant we all made it on to the ON INN in a nice huddle….and enjoyed our run in downhill for a change.

We all made it back to the circle before the walkers who had been set a difficult task…here are the complicated instructions they had to follow…’ u c that road up there (nods from the wankers oops sorry walkers) follow it uphill for 30 mins (further nodding) and then turn around (nod) and come back down again ‘til u reach the cars (lots of nodding). So off they went with Maddog and Leanover as experienced guides…… These able bodied hashers were then overheard as they were standing on the ON INN as runners whizzed past looking for the hot mulled wine shouting ON INN, having the following conversation

Maddog ‘are u sure this is the way we came up?

Leanover ‘ no it can’t be…I know the area well and that road goes down to zografou….

Maddog ‘ so we better go another way then?’

Leanover ‘yes anyway but that way cos it is for sure the wrong way…….

Paula an unnamed hasher pipes up…’but I thought ON INN meant that the way home??’

Maddog’ mmmmm not always …and this is a Bookmaker trail so he probably just put that there deliberately to confuse us…….

Anyway after various alternatives the wankers….oops walkers eventually having tried everything else turned around and retraced their steps……

Advice for the next hare that has to provide directions to the wa**kers have you heard the story of the Minataur in the labyrinth and the string….bring a big ball of string and attach one end to the leading wa**ker and the other to hash cash’s car to ensure their safe return.

Circle was short and sweet and lots of wine and chocolate cookies were given good homes and those who wanted an on inn proper popped down to Leanover’s pad to order pizza.