Hares Mountain Goat and the Book Maker



POLYDENDRI ( ‘lots of trees’ for those who don’t know Greek)

Hares Mountain Goat and the Bookmaker, as tradition holds must be the hares for the Founders Day….our 26th Birthday. They described their run as long and tough with 17 Fs and said it had been deliberately set to make Thrush PAY BIG TIME for last week…..but oh dear what was this…..no Thrush……and they were not lying.

We had an excellent turn out with some old timers including Shampoo George and Kostas the marathon runner joining us to remember their heydays with the AHHH in the 1980’s . We had a couple of Virgins and we were rejoined by our JM Pop Up returned from the snows of the Himalayas and Switzerland.

Off we went to cover ground at such a rate we are in danger of becoming fit if we keep on like this. We had 5 rivers to cross, 20 mountains to climb, so many Fs we had Fs set off Fs, Back checks to keep the FRBs tied up, and wonderful views of the lake (wot lake is that asks Shiva as she seemed to think we had run far enough for it not to have been Marathon Lake at all, so we suggested TitiCaca, Lake Victoria or Maggiore). We had a nice stop at a church where MG allowed us to ring the bell at it was Sunday and Hashy Birthday to AHHH 26 today.

Back at the circle Spanish Fly and Hamish had managed the walk and only needed the rope once to drag the lazy walkers up the steep banks. We all posed for the traditional FOUNDERS DAY photograph, which Bookmaker will send to the Father of the AHHH Brian Grey.

We had an excellent circle, welcoming our virgin from Pireaus Thanasi (nice chap with bulging muscles and vest to show them off too) and our AHHH virgin swooping in from Darwin ( an ex RA JM experienced hasher here for 3 years hurrah!) was that a good write up for him….so he will like me and forgive me as I can’t remember his name…I know it has SUCK and a time period (WEEK) maybe??? Clarification next Hash Shit.

We had lots of awards. 25 runs to Gregor the Coke Dealer, 75 to Pink Jenny (although it was noted she has set off to come hashing more than 100 times but got lost on the way for 25) and 100 to Rear Entry (he is a fine runner now as we have trained him to the peak of his fitness….he used to chug around at the back when he 1st joined).

The Penis was handed over from Clitoria to another Harriet/Honey sorry can’t remember who and FT got the SHIT OF THE WEEK AWARD for some reason. We also christened new shoes from Wee Mac and Pop Up ( beer carefully filtered through their sweaty socks and into the shoe from which the DIO was drunk).

FT got another DIO for not writing the Hash Shit , whereas the rest of the pack really needed the Chunder as they all admitted they hadn’t read any of the wonderful hash shits I have produced and even sadder Spanish Fly admitted to have read them…..but she did not understand them!! So here for the culturally challenged of the AHHH, not just the germans is a special hash shit in FRINGLISH  (foreigners English).