Hares Clitoria and Spanish Fly

Venue Melissia


We were super lucky that Clitoria had stepped forward… volunteered without being asked…..what is happening to us on the AHHH…..getting moral and upright??? And offered (another unusual term for a hasher) to give Bookmaker a rest and set this weeks hash and train Spanish Fly at the same time. Boy were we relieved that we would be getting a nice short harriette friendly hash for a change……..

So we arrived in Melissia plateia….no HHHs signs… hares……snow clouds gathering.

A quick call to Clitoria revealed we were sort of in the right place and that the Honey’s were still up the mountain setting the hash…as they had been rained off the day b4 and partied out until 5am with black men in Monastiraki…they still turned up to hash though so good on ‘em.

We were happy to see that Wee Mac and Sten had returned for more punishment and S4S had dragged Lean Over out of bed to officiate. We also had a returner KIKI ( who still has no hash name but looks like KINKY could be it as soon as the temperature gets back above freezing).

It really was cold and there was much discussion on how much clothing should be divested when the hares finally returned and mentioned that they had been turned back by the snow drifts on Pendeli……

Oh well AHHH are never put off by the weather and we were soon off trying to follow the trail which had been originally set in pink, then washed away and set in blue.

We had been informed we would need to stop at the SHORT STOP for directions. None of us knew what a short stop was but we were too polite to ask…it turned out to be a stop to drink some shots/shorts which Spanish Fly had mixed up in her drunken stupor…it was supposed to be Sambuca and Cherry but she got a bit mixed up and did Sambuca and SHERRY instead which was fine by us although Wee Mac complained it went right to his head as he weaved his way back down the mountain. It did help him with the other problem he has realised in Greece that there are lots of prickly bushes and he is not a very tall man so his wedding tackle is getting a bit of unexpected spiking! The anaesthetic effects were welcome but it is Teflon shorts next week .

We made it back to the circle in dribs and drabs depending on how much of the trail we had taken in….viewspot of not, completing Clitoria’s original route that she had abandoned up the mountain, or getting to do the correct trail once or twice on the advice of Bookmaker…..why do we listen to that guy eh??

The circle was particularly good this week as Self Service had printed out the song sheets and we made good attempts at singing even if some of the songs were not particularly appropriate to the DIOs.

E.G. Pubic Transport being congratulated on getting Multiple Rocket Launcher up the duff/stick, joining the pudding club, and getting a bun in the oven, was serenaded with ‘WHAT A WANK anew type of artificial insemination or did the American Embassy milkman give a hand??

Just as we were attempting to close the circle and go to the taverna to defrost ( the sun always shines on AHHH but the windchill is enough to emasculate Rudolph) who turns up in the Pussy Mobile but Oxymoron…..even later than usual.

A shout went up from the circle ‘ all the pussies in the pussy mobile’ and honey’s raced to be 1st in the driving seat…..with all of us on board ( Clitoria, Spanish Fly, Lisa, Kiki, Scrubber, Lean Over and Fiery) with the top down and the wind blowing through our locks, we set off with a squeal of tires, as Spanish showed us was a German can do with a BMW……which did not include being able to get the vehicle in reverse to bring us home, so we had to swap Clitoria in to get us back down the mountain in a whiff of smoke (burnt out gear box)……we didn’t shoot anyone and Lean Over said we shouldn’t drive off the cliff, so that is as close as the Athens Hash House Honeys got to Thelma and Louise.