Hare: Bookmaker

Venue Kareas

So happy hashers sorry for the squashed up hash shits ( constipated perhaps?) but Fiery’s life sometimes gets in the way of recording the details of AHHH fun and games . I was working my fingers to the bone testing the Executive Club at the Intercontinental in Malta… bar so difficult to handle and no local hash to help out.

Anyway Hash Highlights:


With Bookmaker who is nothing but inventive….. he found the back passage on Kareas after about 10 years of trying. We met in the usual Monastery car park with the faithful , a spattering of nuns, the best fed stray dogs found in Greece and 2 new boots, STEN ( the golden boy with the very posh bmw) and WEE MAC.

We set off in the usual direction and stepped carefully through the dog shit and rubbish to come out on the side of Hymettos with views over all of Athens. Bookmaker was in tour guide mode, as he pointed out the sights, including the memorial for the 5 firemen killed here in the big fire that stripped all the forest from Hymettos and made falsies much more of a challenge for the poor hares .

We had a few problems with the weather and Wee Mac refusing to hand on the horn at the checks. The biggest problem was we kept going wrong at the checks as we had no idea that the mountain had been breached and we were not doing the right hand curve but going left as Bookmaker had finally cracked the un scaled approach to our car park. He also tried to confuse us by bringing us down to ANOTHER car park on a long falsie but we spotted the difference quite quickly as there was no monastery and a shooting range instead….still nuns around though??!!

We finally ran in and enjoyed our circle at the picnic spot under the trees. Plenty of DIOs and Penis award to Scrubber from me… she is married to Kum Kwik it must be quite hard approaching his tackle under his well rounded beer sanctuary!!