RUN LOST COUNT AFTER 1394….or maybe that is it??  (Ed: 1395)




well it was really Dionysos but who could tell battling through the undergrowth

I have had some feedback on my Hash Shits from fans…..reviewers….critics…oh alright then, someone got upset and told me in no uncertain terms that I am being too bitchy and soon no one will tell me anything cos I have turned into RITA SKEETER (if you don’t know who she is ask anyone that has read Harry Potter…like anyone that can read)… I have decided to revert to my true nature……..and ignore the whining bastard and tell it how I see it and bugger the consequences…..

We gathered at an old stomping ground just past the Dionysos taverna next to the football pitch that gets grander every time we stop by, (they have a fence and gates now so they will soon be charging entrance fees).

FF was there on time with his super white jeep jammed full of hash goodies and Shiva was elsewhere…..nothing unusual there then, as she always seems to elsewhere even when she isn’t….an unworldly aura wafts around her….and that is b4 she does any running.

We were pretty well organised as the old team reunited under the control of Maddog and S4S, and we welcomed Kate and Isabella (new boots) and FT’s mum, Hamish and Mark as returners. We were also ECSTATIC that we finally saw some VIRGINS return for a 2nd go at the AHHH (Lisa, Ani and Paula) Apparently they have a hearing problem and thought we had enjoyed a little hymn singing last week at the circle. Lisa asked if they could get a copy of the hymn book so they could learn the words and join in next week. I directed her to the song sheet on the website……so they probably won’t be back again as it is not exactly ON A GREEN HILL FAR AWAY….except getting back to the run that was where we were….

FF and Shiva set us off with a ….’just go jog round the track once and then we will tell you where the WHITE is’…..a F>UP from the start then… we couldn’t get into the track and couldn’t find any white (what happened to blue that showed up then eh???)

We eventually got started through a disgusting dried up streambed fully equipped with old toilet accessories…and Rear Entry led the way up and up and up the roads opposite heading for the summit of Pendeli . White was a bit short so Bookmaker just kept going and despite confused shouting of ON ON from 3 different directions, (there is a lot of stuff that looks very similar to white flour….which is why we should use BLUE) we came out on to a fabulous track high up on the mountainside with spectacular views down and around….this was the life, jogging happily along in the fresh air and listening to the birds…..OH NO SOMEONE HANDED THE HORN TO THRUSH. He is unbearable with a horn in his hand and plays sections from the last night of the proms CONTINUALLY making him the BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ARSE with a horn….so can we make sure he NEVER gets it again……which is of course the aim of all his horn blowing.

So there we were just below the snow line and thinking about needing the oxygen masks when our hares did us proud and led us on a safe well-marked trail through delightful forest scenery on a gentle gradient back into the streets………..well that is how it should have been but we were depending on the team of FF and Shiva…..

Instead the white veered off down the mountainside over the side of cliff like drops through trees and undergrowth so tight it was like getting up a ……you can add the orifice and animal of your choice here, but basically it was a tight squeeze…..and where was the white??……well probably they dropped it on the first slide into oblivion . We could have had a flying club convention, except the trees were so close together , there was no where to fall down……..RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE was exactly what it sounded like, with added screaming optional. (check out Kennedy’s photos of the route)

As Love Bug slithered down through her worst nightmare she piped up…’.I must be hallucinating…the nightmare is getting worse….I can hear RimJob’s voice!!’ But no it was real here he was BEATING HIS WAY UP through the jungle….take about shortcutting!!

We finally all hit the bottom, located the walkers dawdling through the streets and ON INNED back to the circle.

There we had all the usual action DIOs and I will only note the unusual:

  1. Spanish Fly continuing her website research had printed a lovely Family tree of the AHHH and its offspring the Full Mooners……who had been begat by a hasher named STRAWBELLY FORESKIN….S4s was then ceremoniously awarded with a a Hula skirt for his belly made out of straws and was joined in a belly dance by Shiva.

  2. We saw the inauguration of a new AHHH award ( it will be forgotten by next week) the TWIT OF THE WEEK AWARD where Self Service gave Love Bug some lovely birdies in a cage that tweeted on and on and on…. A bit like Love Bug then eh?

  3. We said a rousing farewell to Cock’s Tale as she is off to GERMANY….’ver zey haff wayz off making yu run yah??’ she got an EINS ZWEU DREI FIER FUNF SEX SEX SEX countdown

We all then prepared to abuse the wonderful hospitality of FF and his family as they had offered to host a HASH lunch party…..and we went in convoy down the road…trying not to think of the dead ants we had seen gathered on all the white flour on the mountain…they probably used a different packet for the chappatis and samosas???

We had a fantastic repast (food dumbos) and gave a bouquet to the hostest with the mostest…..good ole AHHH……on on to VARKIZA and the blonde bimbo run.