Athens HHH Run # 1371

Teleferique/ Mt.Parnitha 31/5/2004

Hares: Mountain Goat & Beat me up (w/Scottie)

Twentyfive-odd hashers came up the Mt. Parnitha mountain road. HHH signs were clear and plenty! -not bad for a fenced-in road with no cross roads or sidejunctions.

Straight, flat, easy and scenic . done by a 3yr old kid, said the hares. What a duo of pathological liars! Should have taken the cable car up to the Casino instead, would have gotten a more honest deal there!

Sure enough, we set off up a steep uphill on a concrete road and soon after the trail went trough wire fencing. Clearly tresspassing. After which point your law abiding scribe knows nothing of - could not possibly admit to or provide incriminating evidence. Any information passed on, was collected later from anonymous sources on the field … and they point to more uphills, hidden F’s and more hare deceit.

After the pack came out of the woods, the hare kept exclaiming: isnt’t this lovely, what a lovely place, what a lovely day etc. etc. So lovely actually that we fell upon the the secret "make out" spot of gay couples (or was it triples or what … something bizzare anyway). It was the hashers that got stared at, in a not so friendly way, and ran out of there on the double. Damned if they lost the trail. Which they did, for the trail had disappeared. Litterally. The hare had difficulty convincing others (like the boy who cried wolf ) that he had indeed laid the trail and hadn’t run out of blue midcourse. After further examination and true uncovering of evidence, it was proven that somebody had diligently followed and wiped-off the blue for quite a distance! {for you conspiracy-theory-buffs: could Mt Goat be using the Hash to muscle in on a power struggle within the male prostitution ring he is running in his back yard/woods? He seems to know the place too well … lovely, lovely!}

Anyway the blue reappeared, and on through the olympic mt.biking course ( ..some weird contraptions there, are they used for anti-terrorist training? Were we used for terrorist stand-ins /lookalikes? …you know fleeing target practice etc.) finally to make it to the on-in / parking lot (not the Casino lot - too posh - but the rough next to it.)

After the usual time wasting, the circle formed and things started rolling, except for a little new development. It was very unsusal circumstances that, not only we had ice, but lots of it. So the surplus was put to good use. Bad (good?) hashers instead of just being called / shoved into the circle had to sit on the ice while being subjected to the usual verbal abuse and down-downs. Most hated it, but M*therf*ck*r seemed to enjoy it too much, maybe it was sooo soothing to his hemorhoids and better & cheaper than his proctologist’s treatment. Otherwise there were no namings, nobody spotted me wearing a non-hash shirt, the beer was freezing, some were done for peeing on course and some for joining the flying club. No drama there, but the real surpsise came when we heard a couple of palatable jokes! For a change! We had a visitor/virgin hasher who claimed to be Swiss, but from Bordeux … judging from his mustache alone (ok clothes too) I think he was undercover Interpol/vice squad.

You would have thought that a bizzare hash had ended, but no. Bursting Bladder’s car caught some wire fencing / angle iron underneath. Now hashers are a friendly, but rather foolish lot. Too many stuck their heads and hands under BB’s beastly 2 ton car… motor running and BB at the wheel - and eager to drive off to the taverna !!

No worries for a hasher: No brain, no pain. No problem. {On-on!, RimJob}