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    25th April 2004     
Run:     1366

Pink Jenny, Triple Sex,  Flutterby     
Scribe: Rim Job

In the interests of efficiency a hashit should focus on the deviations from a typical hash run). Re-hashed and boring, but brief. On-on with the blah, blah … Despite my better judgement (trek across Athens and rain forcast) I faded the weatherman (bad bet) and went down, south that is, on the map.

It was P-J's B-day and a beach pik-nik (k!) after all. Hares: Pink Jenny, Triple seX and Flutterby. Three Blondes! Does that spell triple disaster? Actually for expectations that low, a mere distaster and a half is a pleasent surprise. (a 100% impovement! …or is it a 50% discount?)
I might have missed fair warnings given, for I showed up KanBan (japanese jargon…renamed JIT or just- -in-time by jealous Americans). KanBan, greek style that is. Which means, pull the handbrake and run, the pack just ran by you.

Up the shoreline, on the comfy walkway despite the hare whinging about not looking for the trail. Yeah, right! The water is 5 m to the left and the trail somewhere in between on the scragly rocks. Look, lady, I had a rough morning. In the, yet further, interest of efficiency I drove straight through the city, only to be caught sequentially in Olympic works, gasworks, roadworks etc. The works! By comparison Camel F**ker left 10 min. later, took the 'long way' and arrived 5 min. earlier, just in time to get noticed and get a down-in-one for tardiness :~)

Back on the run, after a sharp U turn and a fenced-in F (it pays to watch a lazy hare - it speaks volumes) we came whithin a stone's throw to the On Inn. Despite hare's pleads to the contrary, down we went a narrow road in confidence, only to hit an F. The RA, in his divine athority, ignored the F and kept going. He was right. We suspect he ran on inside information, for the trail was only a small detour from the F. Turns out, as he decribed his travails in tedium during the circle, he was the fourth musketeer of the hare trio. Was it a short run, or is it just my perception due to the optimal arrival?

The circle in contrast, dragged on. Or just perceptual, because it was raining? The usual niceties and awards etc. were exchanged according to protocol. Or, was the penis award held by a man? What happened to rule 23.b? or whatever. I 'm 'kinda' (=completly) vague about the various details. Maybe that cheap Lidl-Cola is burning my brain cells faster than beer can replenish them. Did someone get named, or was it just a close call for Carmen?

Preperations for a beachside pik-nik looked set, but a wet BBQ was not very appealing and got a rain check for Hamish's pad instead (a wet Barbie though would be rather appealing and edible by many a male hasher).

At Hamish's some Hashers werer chastized for having the salad with strawberries and cream. Presented the choice under your nose, what would you have? To the critics of culinary savoir faire, I say "go ahead punk, eat my broccolli". The curry/cooking were excellent as usual. Also garnered attention: the photo of Hamish in a tabloid paper (supposedly some high court judge, but we know better!) accused of paedophilia and a set of what looked like middle-eastern cooking pans. Turns out they were English bed warmers of old. I thought that's what English women were meant for! Maybe they are cold blooded after all. (did the word frigid go through your dirty little mind?).

Enough deviating. I am a failure of a scribe and you've paid the price if you read that far!


Rim Job

P.S. The wrath of Shiva cometh! I want to see (bad) blood (not mine) on the next FullMonn HHH