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Date: 7th March 2004     
Run: 1359

Hares:  Bookmaker &
Scribe: The Dyke

It was the day that would make a great change in Greek history: it was the day of the elections, it was 7 March 2004.

On this day, 28 Hashers and Harriets gathered near Kouvaras for Hash no. 1359, among them five respectless Greeks that had decided not to give a d*mn about the law that forbids them to drink on this special day.The Bookmaker had found another virgin to consecrate in the art of laying a trail: his name was (yes, WAS) Clive S.

During the run we discovered that he still has a lot to learn though: instead of the bulks of
blue flour we are used to, we found fancy little H's, carefully laid down. As if the F's were not enough... They were countless, as were Flowery Tw*t's invitations to 'F the Hare here' (and I thought... Well, never mind, I don't think anyone responded anyway). After well an hour of rocks, F's, checks and H's everybody was back at the start and the circle could begin.

All according to tradition, the Hares were the first ones to get their down-in-ones. For some reason, S4S gave them 6.9 for the trail - again - he seems to like that number. Formosa Flyer got a down-in-one and a song for his 75th run (again; this time he got the badge as well) and then the
fingering could begin.

Snowballs was the first one to get fingered, for running in the wrong direction right from the start. Everyone wearing sunglasses under the grey sky followed, and so did everyone with his hands in his pockets. Beat me Up and Dinae werd called forward because they showed major disrespect: not shutting up while we are having the circle («it's not the other way around», as S4S pointed out) is a sin, and has to be punished.

Multiple Rocket Launcher and Cock's Tale got to get one down for Clitoria, who was absent and
has had the Penis award at her place for I don't remember how many weeks now. Clive from Africa (or was it India..?) thought it necessary to give the Back Walking Bastards a down-in-one - you like breaking with traditions, don't you, it's the Front Running ones that get the d-i-o, you...
Fortunately, justice always finds it's way, so his time came not long afterwards. Walking at the back of the pack (yes, he was one of the BWB's, but used the pathetic excuse of being the sweeper) he told the others about his lack of sense of direction. Ha, as if we hadn't noticed!

From this memorable day on, Clive S. will go through Hash life as Wadefakawe (pronunciation:
Where The F*ck Are We). After his baptism, he was so lucky to have a dry Virgin Hare T-shirt waiting for him.Hare The Bookmaker (or The Hare Bookmaker) came into the circle once more to explain where today's taverna was, but he seemed to be infected by Wadefakawe and it was decided that he just lead the convoy. Off we went, and more beer and wine was waiting for us - what a life...

N.B.: If the above does not picture the events the way you remember them, blame Snowballs, who would not let me borrow his notebook!