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Date: 29th Feb , 2004     Run: 1358     Venue:  Filothei    Hares: Rim Job & George


Rimjob's run almost became the shortest in Athens HHH history, when the pack ran about 20 meters before finding the on-inn sign around the first corner. The pack set new land speed records sprinting back to the parking area to begin drinking, only to realise to their great disappointment that they actually had to do a real run in another direction. It became a Chinese fire drill, with hashers running in every which way looking for the trail. The pack, about 35 hashers and a few hash hounds, finally set off in the right direction, across roads and sewers and bridges, up hills through parks and two beer stops, a "bad joke" (also known as a "BJ") stop, a couple of urination stops (for bursting bladder at least), and some dog faeces stops (to wipe off shoes).

Rimjob and virgin hare George did their best to keep the pack together, but it was like herding cats. Mountain Goat actually did his own live hare run--he finally turned up about 89 minutes into the 90 minute run, since he decided to go the other way and check out the Olympic construction sites. Even The Bookmaker couldn't top that, and actually stayed with the pack for most of the run. Our RA delivered beautiful weather for the entire day--it must have been the "love monkey" button he was wearing that did it. In the circle, we welcomed back some guy named Strawberry 4skin, who some of the old-timers remember was a JM once upon a time.

Another returnee was Rizman from Karachi, who last hashed in Athens in 1996; he vaguely recalled Strawberry 4skin from that time. The pack, with the assistance of Strawberry 4skin, a visiting hasher from South Africa, awarded the hares a 6.9 out of 10 for the run.

Criminals: Among the criminals were Formosa Flyer for playing pocket billiards in the circle; Flowery for not shutting up; Bookmaker for wearing an HHH billboard with arrows pointing to his private parts and arse; Mountain Goat for doing his own leisurely jog to Maroussi and back; Lisa for new shoes (and Meningitis for ratting her out); Bursting Bladder for no apparent reason--just for the fun of it; Shiva for doing something right or wrong about a full moon run; Banger for her 21st birthday; Kum Kwik for fashion crimes (which led us to see have his arse crack as well as his abs of steel); Mountain goat for using his mobile phone; and this scribe for trying to take notes instead of relying on a foggy beer-impaired memory. Rizman told a joke, with Bursting Bladder accompanying with sound effects.

Awards: Meningitis finally got his 50th run mug, so will stop whinging, we hope. The Dyke got her 25th award too, and Formosa Flyer got his 75th, and played pocket billiards in the centre of the circle, to the delight of a few hashers. S4S received a framed photo of himself in a red dress with Mrs. Spume. George was awarded for being a virgin hare.

We had two real Virgins, too: Dorothy from Greece, (Rimjob made her come), and Yiannis from Greece, made to come by Mash. Missed opportunity: A young millionaire who reminded the other harriettes of Sean Connery, driving a new black Ferrari, stopped on the road near the circle and asked for Clitoria--it appears he saw Clitoria's e-mail announcing her decision to propose to someone on the 29th of February, and stopped by to see if she would be willing to propose to him. He was on his knees, begging, but Clitoria was nowhere to be found. Maybe next leap year...

Hash Christening: In a solemn ceremony presided over by our RA, Playboy 2, and after a full baptism of beer, Pete the Aussie became "Beat the Meat," or "B(t)M."    

Welcome to the brotherhood, BM!