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Date: 07 December 2003 

Run: 1346


Hares: The Bookmaker & Mountain Goat

Scribe: Flowery Twat

Athens Hash House Harriers - 25th Jubilee Run

(See below the report for the letter from our Founder & a list of VISITORS)

Jubilee Run Report

Very importantly ATHENS HHH set a new standard of behaviour for all celebratory activities of the future….never mind the English Rugger Buggers bringing Oxford Street to a standstill….we had Markopoulou AGOG at our festivities!

A gathering of the old and the new, the young and the old, the hale and the hearty, took a while to assemble before the off. These included the nearest we had to an original hasher Costas Markopouliotis from run number 2…..There were too many hashers to fit into a circle so we had to make a sort of pentangle and were duly blessed before the off. With the wind in our hair, best face paint forward and red bandanas fluttering…..

Off on a trail that was worthy of the occasion, fabulous scenery, imaginative trail with tricky little Fs hidden away in unexpected places, set by our 2 most experienced hares BOOKIE and the GOAT……shame that they had to STEAL the whole idea and trail from our 2 best HARRIETS FT and F2, which finally proved female supremacy.

There was a plethora of horn blowing, as most of our returnee GMs seemed to have brought there own, and other than complaints from Aberdeen Anguish on the number of Fs and Parson's Nose spectacular flying club followed by unauthorised bleeding, we all returned safe and sound to the circle……….

Precipitous was the decent into anarchy thereafter with DIOs following at speed, but seeming never-ending, and a time line of GMs worse than Doctor Who's who's who. No one seemed to know who was who and what was what and when it had been, but we sang and cheered for each one: Steve "The Hulk" Hull, Peter "Bogbrush" Jensen, Mountain Goat, Bookmaker, Ratarsed, Strawberry Foreskin & Mad Dog.

We roared for the chunder of Hash Cashes….we also checked their pockets as they left the circle for any inadvertently left over hash funds ( 2buttons and a used condom, were confiscated).

We duly re-awarded Shit of the Week and The Penis ensuring that none of them were given away to the visitors who might leave Greece with them…..can u imagine which shitfaced hasher would want to go through airport security with a huge black penis and a used toilet seat!

We all had a bit of a weepy moment when the ATHENS HHH opened a BIRTHDAY CARD from its DADDY one Brian Grey, (a copy of his letter is on the back of this hashit.

We particularly well-honoured (can that be a new verb?) our original BOG BRUSH for his 300th with a huge potty and toilet brush cocktail, which he just about swallowed whole. Boy does he still have a capacity for running and drinking that is an example to us all.

We then made our way to the Merenda Horse Club for a Xmas dinner extravaganza, 3 courses with all the trimmings. Our returnees from abroad struck the right note and serenaded us with well known hash ditties that put us to shame. We had champagne toasts and Strawberry Foreskin had to be retired early to the bench by his coach Lean Over, as he was about to fall in the fire.

As the sun set over the mountain we all had to agree what a great way to spend 25 years of your life…..sweating and swearing your way through the mud, blood and tears to that great chunder in the sky…….ON ON FOR ANOTHER 25 ….. HAPPY JUBILEE AHHH


Letter from Brian Gray, Founder of the Athens Hash House Harriers on the occasion of the 25th Year Anniversary run.

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the Athens Hash and thank you for your kind invitation to attend. My first reaction was "yes please"! However reality set in when I assessed my commitments for December, and had to accept that I couldn't go.

I would love to run with the Athens hash again. I will contact you during the summer and try to arrange a visit. It never occurred to me when we started the hash in 1978, that it would still be going strong in 2003. My only concern 25 years ago was that enough people would turn up. I was the only one who had hashed before, the others had little idea what they were letting themselves in for….

One bloke soon worked it out, and turned up late, just in time for the beer. They drank all the beer I had, which was a large fridge FULL, plus 3 cases which I also had as emergency back up. They went home very happy. I hope you do also.

Have a great day and many years of Hashing,

Brian Gray



VISITORS to our 25th Jubilee run (many flew in from overseas for the event):

Nerd Name  Hash Name   Previous Runs   /ex. AH3 posts

1. Peter Jensen (Bogbrush)    299 runs / RA, JM
2. Jim Leonard MacPlod (Aberdeen Anguish)  149 runs / HC
3. Steven Hull The Hulk (Pyromaniac)    303 runs / RA, JM
4. Lena Hull Margarita (Scandahooligan)   ~115 runs
5. Anthony Scanlan Scandalous   ~170 runs / RA, JM
6. Mrs Scanlan
7. Steven Thacker (Sucker the Fucker)
8. Tina Eckart (Last Tango)
9. Graham Lay (Parson's Nose)
10. Rosslyn Lay (Juices Flowing)
11. Mel Chittock (Ratarsed)   / MM, GM
12. Mellie Chittock (Gobbler) / HC
13. Pamela Washington (Ram Pants)
14. Preston Pete (Aliass) 25 runs
15. Robert Bernat  ......................Ran with the Athens Hash in 1978 (the founding year)
16. Helen Bernat (Robert's wife)  
17. Denis (Rambo) Wilson         First AH3 Run 17 Feb 85 (currently about 140 not out)
18. Costas Markopouliotis.........Ran run number-2 in 1978 (closest we got to a founding hasher)

NOTE: GM = Grand Master, JM = Joint Master, RA = Religious Advisor, HC = Hash Cash,
MM = Master of Music