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Date: 5 Oct. 2003  Run: 1337  Venue: Agia Paraskevi  Hare: Self Service

Scribe: The Urinator

Well, with the handbrake (aka the wife) at work for the day and me, looking after the rug rats I thought it would an ideal opportunity to do a little father/kids bonding. You know, that quality time that all dads should have with their children every now and then (annually would be sufficient, I suspect). So, it's all in the car and it's off to Paraskevi we go. Getting closer we stumble upon the HHH signs and again reiterate to Max and Sam that I wasn't lost!! It's up and up we go and as if by magic we arrive - early even. The view from the car park over toward western Athens is spectacular - if you ignore the overflowing rubbish bins, accumulated car parts, bed springs and the smog that rests over the city. If you close your eyes and concentrate really hard (don't you think too hard Pop-up you may have a brain explosion) you can get a glimpse at the wonder of Athens.
After the usual amount of mismanagement and yelling the run / walk got under-way. I, with kids, set off on the walk. I'm not interested in the run cos' I weren't on it! Strawberry 4skin led the way with kids, dogs and the occasional adult in tow. We came across a couple of caves dug deep in to the rock that in days gone by had something to do with the defence facilities that are scattered through the area. Psssst! If that's a national secret don't tell anyone!! However, in more recent times industrious Athenians have used the shafts and caves as dumps for their rubbish! There is a resident population of bats that can be seen of an early evening - unfortunately we didn't get to see any. It was at about this time that Twisted Bitch and her pups came crashing through the undergrowth. They had arrived late but had managed to find us. The dogs were excited with lots of bum sniffing and licks. I love that stuff and I now feel a lot closer to them both. We all made it to the drink stop and again admired the view. Every thing looks better after a few beers!! So with a couple of beers under the belt and a downhill on-in things were looking up.

The Circle

Beers, beers and more beers flowed. Joe, Sam and Max filled the tankards and piss thingys with guidance and expertise from Meningitis. The down downs then started. The trail was voted as crap, the signs were crap so the Hares took their punishment and loved it!! Cereal Whinger complained that down downers were either to drink it or wear it. As he was about to demonstrate how it should be done he complained that the tankards weren't full! (wot a whinger!) After his complaint was addressed he ably demonstrated the correct technique. A good effort I might add. I had to leave the circle at this stage to avert an incident. Sam bashing Max with a small log. Back to the circle to see Mad Dog break in his new runners - strained through his sock from memory. Plenty of protein there I bet! Last but not least - and yes I know I missed bits and pieces - The singing of the Lumberjack Song was sooooo bad it was almost good. No, come to think of it, it was still really bad!

We also so had a virgin , Brenda - welcome. Let's hope the RA and JMs didn't scare her off like they usually do.

On a serious note Twisted Bitch mentioned that the dog that she had recently befriended and had taken on a recent Hash had been poisoned. It may pay to be vigilant on the trail, as these incidents seem to be on the increase in public parks.


The Urinator