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Date: 21st September 2003    Run: 1334   Venue: Schinias 

Hares: Snowjob.cum & Pink Jenny

Scribe:Captain Sumo

Present:   Mad Dog & better half, Crazy Puppy, Cox'n'balls, Pink Jenny, Bursting Bladder, The Dike, Flowery Twat, Bookkeeper, Shiva, Camel Toe, Mountain Goat, Hamish McTavish Esq, Captain Sumo, Beat me up, Rear Entry, Smorgasbord & Jim the boyfriend, Delhi Boy & son, Snowjob & girlfriend, Georgios & family, Rampants, The Doglady, the lass from the States with her German girlfriend, whoever else I have forgotten to mention, please forgive me...

  1. Mad Dog opened the circle and the run was explained by the Hares, Snowjob and Pink Jenny. The run was supposed to be FLAT with NO falsey's and some checks. Color was not mentioned. No scribe appointed. Strong northerly wind prevailed during the whole hash.

  1. THE RUN   The run started straight from the road. Captain Sumo and Mountain Goat who were first to arrive had circled the nearby roads looking for the next HHH sign leading to a obvious start but it could not be found, so they cleverly reasoned that it might start from the sign, oh well, stick to topic. The crowd ran off (with 4dogs at least) to flatlands after Flowery Twat and Bookkeeper politely inquired "WHERE'S THE FUCKIN' BLUE?" The flatlands continued for a while until we arrived to the Olympic rowing canal (I presume…) where we discovered "F", so much for the hare's reliability. After that the trail led back over a canal to another "F" (the hare). Well, so good so flat we continued on in sea grass shrubbery, then along a ditch where the trail trailed off UP the hillside. Finally on top of the mountain a check was found and the hare, Pink Jenny (the ever trustworthy) explained that we had to look for a bottle with blue and another thingy, which slipped my ears. Off we went and the crowd scattered into 3 groups. Captain Sumo & Flowery Twat went straight down the mountain, through a farm and on-inn'ed to the cars after 1,5hrs running. After that one could observe some white and red T-shirts cavorting back and forth the mountainside in the company of a refreshing soft drink at the on-inn. The other 2 groups continued on their task of following the slightly invisible trail, actually, the mountain was covered more in goat droppings than blue. After awhile the group split up and arrived both 1,5hrs later on to the on-inn, at 1400hrs.
  2. WALKERS   Snowjob had recruited an unwitting local, Georgios, to pilot the walkers around the premises. Little did he know what would follow afterwards.
  3. DEATH ON THE HASH   During the mountain stretch a Husky died probably of a heat stroke and was carried to the on-inn in a basket. Many hashers participated in digging a grave for the poor beast and he was on-on'ed to the afterlife.
  4. THE CIRCLE   Mad Dog opened the circle by cautioning all hashers of avoiding beer abuse. Many down-down's was awarded to many persons for many various reasons. I cannot recall them all but some were: The hare's for the trail and the length (Pink Jenny defended herself that they laid 10kgs of blue and Snowjob blamed the wind), Mountain Goat for haircut of the week, Captain Sumo for forgetting his running shoes in Camel Toe's bedroom and not remembering them until a week after, Flowery Twat for having a hash hangover, Jim, Georgios & the German girl for being a virgin, The Dike for something, the usual fashion hashers, Shiva for reading on the hash (imagine, she had a big book with her), Rampants for her final Athens hash, Snowjob a returnee, etc.
  5. FINGER    Mad Dog was awarded the finger of the week for reasons that he'd forgot why he awarded it for last week and usually has poor memory. Well, we all know that, this time he did not appoint a scribe. Flowery Twat positioned the finger in Mad Dog's pants.
  6. OTHER FINGERINGS    So many fingerings were mentioned at the same time that I really have no recollection of them or maybe the down-down's were starting to have their effect. However, I can remember Bookkeeper exclaiming that having Snowjob and Pink Jenny hare a hash separately is bad and the worse it gets to let them hare a a hash together where he was promptly replied by Flowery Twat's that if Mr. Bookkeeper the hash coach would care to coach a little more once in awhile it wouldn't be so bad and at this point the debate became un-debatable.

  7. VIRGINS   Two virgins were inspected by Flowery Twat (FT) as the usual inspector, Playboy 2's better half was absent. Jim, the American FBI guy, got full points for his butt from FT and Jim told that according to his recollection Smorgasm made him cum, er, come. When FT inspected the German lass, that were made come by the American lass (damn my poor memory), she suggested that she should not be accepted as she had bigger hooters than Flowery Twat. Well, we can't do that, can we?
  8. NAMING   Rampants dog was unanimously hash named to Maximus Erectus and presented with a complimentary T-shirt and pint of beer on the head.
  9. TAVERNA  The tavern of the week was a BBQ at Snowjob's spacious villa with it's gorgeously trimmed surroundings. The servings were ample and delicious. Hamish and other hashers did again the honor of managing the BBQ and laying out the salads etc. After a couple of hours devouring the delights of the table, Rear Entry suggested that a visit to the beach would be nice. The idea was well received and everybody got into their cars and off we went in a convoy. The beach was lovely and the water was cool and refreshing. Pink Jenny slept on the beach while the others were happily splashing away.
  10. CLOSING   Having no more issues to discuss or to drink to, the hash was adjourned at 1800hrs.

  Minutes by un-appointed scribe: Captain Sumo