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Date:14.09.2003  Run:1333  Venue: Ano Glyfada   
Hares: Camel Toe, Triple Sex & the boys

Scribe:Captain Sumo

Present : Maddog & better half, Playboy 2 & better half, Cox'n'balls, Pink Jenny, Popup, Bursting Bladder, The Dike, Flowery Twat, Shiva & offspring, Self Service, Cameltoe, Mountain Goat, Formosa Flyer, Triplesex & offspring, Hamish, Captain Sumo, Beat me up, Stamatis, the Swedish lass & whoever else I have forgotten to mention, sorry…

  1. Maddog opened the circle and the run was explained by the Hare, Cameltoe. The run was supposed to be un-flat with a lot of falsey's and one check. Color was not mentioned. Captain Sumo was appointed as scribe

      1. THE RUN The run was started from Camel Toe's pad and the crowd ended up following the first falsey. Then the track led up to another falsey at an amphitheatre from where the trail carried on to a gravel track up the mountain where the third falsey was. However, many hashers were not so easily duped and they waited for the "F the hare" call. At the fourth falsey the crowd was somewhat split to two, due to that the leading group did not recognize the "F" (poor marking?) and running past it for several K's and loosing track totally, they went on-down and on-in. The other group followed the trail that went up a horribly steep rainwater gorge to a check, after that it was flat track to an asphalt road. Captain Sumo was happily trotting along followed by 4 harriettes. Then it was on-up the almost vertical mountain, to the fifth falsey, after that it luckily went down the mountain along the road (without any falsey's) to an amphitheatre where the end circle was held. The view was magnificent.
      2. DELAY After the exhausted crowd gathered at the theatre it was wondered why the circle was not held immediately, anyway people did not loose their cool and the beer supply was plundered accordingly whilst waiting.
      3. THE CIRCLE Many down-down's was awarded to many persons for many various reasons. I cannot recall them all but some were: The splinter group that did not complete the trail, a virgin, fashion models on the hash, not wearing hash attire, sitting on the hash, arriving to the hash at the wrong time, forgetting a hash name etc.
      4. FINGER Bursting Bladder was awarded the finger of the week for reasons that slipped my attention. The awarder, Maddog, forgot the correct hash name and addressed him as Bloated Bladder and was also given a down-down for this lapse. Bursting Bladder was not greatly offended and muttered it didn't matter as long as it was not Bleeding Bladder.
      5. OTHER FINGERINGS The award of "speed nerd of the week" was asked to be returned back to circulation.
      6. 50th RUN Pink Jenny was awarded her 50th run badge and Maddog had composed a new song for this occasion and it went along the lines "…give your tits a twist and your twat a twirl…".
      7. BEER ABUSE Flowery Twat raised the important matter that beer should be drunk and not thrown all around the spectators. Beer belongs in the belly and is not to be played with. It was emphasized the correct way doing a down-down is to drink the beer, then pour the rest on top of your head. Cox'n'balls set an example downing one in the correct hash way, not spilling a drop.
      8. TAVERNA The taverna of the week was a BBQ at Cameltoe's pad. The servings were ample and delicious. Hamish did the honor of managing the BBQ.
      9. CLOSING Having no more issues to discuss, the hash was adjourned at 1630hrs.

Minutes by: Captain Sumo