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Date:07 July 2003 Run: 1323 Venue: Kefalari  Hares: Rear Entry & Ram Pants

Scribe: Cocks-n-Balls

It was 7 pm on the 7th of the 7th a warm and balmy evening in Kefalari (Mustang Club). Those who had managed to find the starting point where gathered around debating if there had been any signs or not. The group was brought to order by a feeble blast on the bugle, instructions were issued and the pack set off to find the start of the trail.

The pack gallantly lead by those two stalwarts Bookmaker and Mountain goat (Hash Horn) were soon spread out over the local countryside. To confuse things the first section of the trail was relatively easy going the signs were evenly spaced and clear all the way to a cemetery and car park. Here there was a check, where the hounds amused themselves watching some locals flying a model plane.

The trail was once again established and hounds leaped into action this time over rougher terrain up what seemed to be a dried up stream bed. The trail was now becoming sparse with signs few and far between, it was also at this point that we had a hint of what was to come as the trail began to wind its way through denser brush. Bare flesh was now being torn from bones of the pack as it forced its way forward to emerge onto an open track, this was followed for a kilometre or so before joining a road. Signs were now becoming difficult to find with the Hare having to point some out. Then the trail moved off the road and back onto dusty paths we then discovered that our two lead runners had left us to wallow in their wake with the horn being heard faintly in the distance.

The remaining pack once again set off in pursuit, up and down what might be laughingly called goat tracks to emerge dazed and confused in two different locations. The hash horn had rejoined one of the groups by this time. As the pack made its way back to where the cars were parked it was time to take stock! Most people had cuts, bruises and or were battered and there was one twisted ankle, and nobody had found the On inn sign. It was at this point that Bookmaker and Mountain goat began to race for the beer only to be beaten by one of our canine hashers.

The circle formed and with due ceremony the awards issued: -
Hares maximum of 5 for the trail. (Far too generous)
Shit of the week (not returned)
Prick teaser awarded to Ram pants for turning up

A number of down downs were awarded and accepted with flourish.
The circle collapsed at around 9 pm from which the exhausted pack made its way home and to a local Taverna to eat drink and make Mary.