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Date:28 June 2003 Run: 1322 Venue: Vavrona    Hares: The Bookmaker    
Flesh Gordon (Ex.AH3, Visiting from Cyprus)



“It’s not how many Hashers you’ve got….it’s how you abuse them!”
Starting with this graceful saying from the unknown Hasher I would like to thank all of you that showed up for this run and for the beer do at the Bull….eh…Wild Rose on Monday.

Thanks to the hash I felt like a helpless student again, needing a lift to the hash after being used to drive my way to the Hash back home. But I can’t really complain as the hare was the Bookmaker with “one of those runs”, which reminded me the “one of those runs” they all tend to do in the Amathus Hash every Sunday.

Anyway, 11 hashers showed up and after a brief dip in the sea, 9 of us took off for a long, mysterious and challenging journey. The flat bits didn’t last for long and soon enough we found our selves walking up one of those fire breaking zones situated on a nearby mountain. Mad Dog and I then started to discuss one of those Theosophical, Philosophical and Hashosophical issues as we frequently did on the runs. After a nice row we caught up with the others only to find out that there was more climbing ahead.

We then reached the Lost Man’s Point, a place where there was no going back and no going forward. At this point there was no blue and the Bookmaker got lost twice; once when laying the trail and once more running it with us! Here the “dodge the monster spider” game begun. The Lost Man’s Point was crawling with huge spiders-cobwebs everywhere. Finally a combination of logic and intuition brought us down a ridge and on to the cost line. The short run towards the beginning of the costal road was not without surprises though, as Flowery Twat found herself paralyzed on the ground as a result of a graceful (?) fall. After a still moment the Bookmaker cried “don’t be such a wimp” and she sprinted off down the path of the on-inn coloured with the orange-gray colours of the dusk.

During the circle everyone got a DIO ….for showing up I guess! Ok here it goes:
The Bookmaker - hare
Flesh Gordon - returnee
Flowery Twat - Flying club
Tage- Virgin
Beat me up - Willy Award
Come quick - ???
Mad Dog - old sins
Rear Entry - no running shoes
And the rest of them for something…..

After that, a nice cozy beach party, which attracted two old farts, owners of two smelly dogs (I hope they are not reading this) which went on to about 11pm.

That’s it folks, thanks for having me again. I won’t see you soon…love Flesh Gordon, ON-ON