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Date: 18 May 2003 Run: 1316  Venue: Drossia     Hares: Thrush & Tortoise    


The run was set by two virgin hares - Thrush & Tortoise and I was given the job of virgin scribe which is difficult as (1) - the walkers always insist I keep them company when really I am desperate to run!!! And 2) I don't know many of the Hash names - only Mad Dog and Playboy NO. 2 (have never even met no. 1) - so I will have to write mainly about them - which could make it all very boring - not suggesting they are boring of course!!! The job of hornblower was given to a hasher - whose name I am not quite sure of - but could have been Toilet Rim!

The run started in a very scenic spot in Drossia - in very close proximity to a vineyard where wine tasting was on offer - a hard temptation for any hasher to ignore! It was very tempting to stray from trail - marvellous though it was and pop into the vineyard instead. In fact, I think this is what the runners actually did as they were an extraordinarily long time returning and made little sense when they did. They all tried to blame false trails - but funny how none of them were spotted on the horizon by the walkers!

In fact the lure of the vineyard was so strong that one young hasher did not even make it to the start - blaming a lack of signs - feeble excuse! A rescue party were sent out in search of the stranded hasher - in the form of Ratarse who wanted to show off his new car and sell his barbeque to two innocent newcomers at the same time.

Whilst the runners were downing wine (or so we suspect) - the walkers were hard at work trekking through miles of forest, up and down mountains and crossing fields of ploughed soil which acted rather like quick sand - the walkers were soon up to their knees in dirt! The trail soon proved too hairy for some and several walkers quickly disappeared, preferring the attraction of the cold beer on offer back at base. A lack of pavements and proper walking trail was blamed - not without justification as even the lead walker/hare soon vanished - preferring to zoom off in Ratarse's new car in search of Pamela.

In the end - only the hardy walkers survived with the promise of a large prize for their hard efforts - actually I am just making this bit up - but a nice idea for next time!

The circle welcomed 4 virgin hashers and 2 visitors who all seemed to have had a good time. We were also introduced to some newly christened members - Coxon Balls and 2 Moons Rising. Unfortunately we couldn't have a 'Shit of the Week' Award as the toilet seat had been given away in Agistiri - a good thing as it means I can never win it!

OnOn, Lisa