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Date: 16 March 2003   Run: 1305   Venue: Rodopoli

Hares: Snowballs & Sleazy Rider    Scribe: Two Lips

Once upon a time on a nice and green lawn when the sun was shining and the birds were singing, some decently dressed people came together to celebrate the upcoming Irish event of St. Patrick's day. They planned to go on a nice and decent walk after which they were having aperitifs before going to dinner. Sounds familiar to you? Then you were not on the highly disorganised AH3 St. Patrick's Day run. On this Sunday, a bunch of people showed up somewhere close to Dionisos. Bursting Bladder did his outmost best to sell some old t-shirts from a previous run in which he only succeeded after lowering the price dramatically.

After welcoming some newcomers, Virgins and returnees, Snowballs explained the run. To confuse the lot he not only told the crowd that the trail was laid in a grass-coloured substance (preferably laid on grass), he actually showed it on the spot. Standing surrounded by mountains, in the middle of a pool (who had chosen that spot) he assured the pack that the trail would obviously be flat, dry and short. Monica Whithoutaname was given the task of horning, and one of the returnees was kindly asked to make a full report of this run.

The pack set off and very soon the disorder was complete. Within a record time the pack was divided into different chaotic bunches of people, all looking for a spot of green. Monica Whithoutaname tried hard to keep everybody together by hooting continuously but, as expected, failed and was only able to silence one or two dogs with her efforts. Soon it became clear why the hares are supposed to follow the hashers. On various occasions, they had to show them the way so that eventually everybody would make it to the end.

To make sure that everybody would catch an original Irish cold during this run, the hares made us all stop at the highest peak of one of the mountains where it became clear what the hares actually had done with the grass-coloured substance which was supposed to mark the trail (for many people this was the first time that they saw it). They had tried to make the Irish national symbol. On top of this symbol green jellies made of unknown ingredients were handed out, as I understood, some people are still recovering.

Having reached they highest peak in the surroundings, it was clear that finally the trail would go down. Pretty soon the starting and finishing point was found. Only S4S was still not used to the green trail and enjoyed the running so much that he arrived about 10 minutes after the last person had arrived.

The circle that seemed not much warmer than standing on top of the Irish symbol some time before, obviously punished the hares for actually trying to keep everybody together. The usual punishments were given, The 'Urinator' was named, and some new drinking gear was tested (and found satisfactory) after which the warmer surroundings of the taverna were found.

On On Two Lips