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Date: 02 Feb 2003    Run: 1299    Venue: Dionysos   Hares: Bookmaker    

Pop Up

The clouds hung ominously close, enshrouding the surrounding peaks on this day of Sabbath. A circle had formed on this icy cold day outside of the graveyard. As the spiritual advisor entered the circle, silence fell on those gathered for the solemn occasion. A secret gathering of demon worshippers ..? AS IF. Just the 1299th run of the Athens Hash!!

Our host, The Bookmaker, stepped into the circle to advise of the somewhat complex instructions (for Hashers anyway) as the runners listened intently. The idea was to send out runners in all possible directions to look for blue markers. When 3 were found, On On was to be called for the group to follow. So what happens? Flowery Twat took off in one direction to check and everyone else in another. Like lost sheep! Obviously not bothering with the instructions. By some sheer luck, on the correct trail. The following checks went reasonably to plan.

Ratarsed went missing in the early stages, obviously going back to assist Hamish in looking after the beer. A couple of streams that had turned into raging torrents (well not quite) created a problem to cross for some of our elite athletes. Mainly Clitoria who managed to submerse her leg while attempting a crossing, (or was she pushed?). At about the same time Mountain Goat went missing up a particularly steep trail. Must have smelt a goat on heat or something. Rear Entry took off soon after and missed one check completely! The run continued to meander on around the once forrested hills until, what turned out to be, the last check. Here Flowery Twat decided to spit the dummy and made it known that she wasn't going to check again. Hey, she could only blame herself for following 3 false trails!

The steep climb to the OnIn proved a hard haul. Although one runner found the initial part quite pleasing to the eye. While the runners milled around the beer tub and fed on sandwiches, Pamela and her dogs were noted slipping away prior to the circle. This girl must be punished! At about the same time Mountain Goat arrived with a big smile on his face. Hmm. What did he find up that trail?

Due to the absence of both JM's, Playboy 2 managed to take control of the rabble in the circle. The Bookmaker was given a lowly 2 points for what must have been one of his shortest runs. Fines were also given to the deserved ones including 3 Virgins. The wee Scottish lass deciding to empty the contents of her fine over her shoulder but threw the mug along with it! Someone should have taken her aside and given her a stiff talking to!

Xanthia made a return and received a fine for her absence as well as one for practising Yoga! on the run. The American contingent received their fine for still being here. Spume, being the previous holder of the "shit of the week" award, chose Banger to be adorned with this highly acclaimed prize. A look of dejection could be seen on many a Hashers face as the award was presented.

As the circle started to turn into an uncontrollable mob, it was decided to adjourn to the Dionysos tavern to continue on with the hash tradition of drinking, feasting and debauchery.