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Run: 1233 Date: 11 Nov. 2001 Venue: Syngrou Park, Kifissia  Hare:Free Loader, Slush Puppy Scribe: Can't Get Laid

We all met as requested in the car park of Syngrou Park which is located on the southern slopes of the suburb of Kifissia. The weather, unlike the atrocious conditions of the previous week, was nice and sunny which would probably explain the far higher turnout. The run set off into the park with lots of the usual noise and a load choruses of 'On On' shortly after 11am completely ignoring the solemn occasion of the day - Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, Armistice Day! Was there a minutes silence? - no. Was there even a few seconds silence? - no. There were a few hashers perhaps, including one of the hares, who after last night's party at Hamish's probably wished there had been some silence.

The run - We dashed into the park and very quickly ended up (or down) a false trail. Free Loader looked a bit dazed and didn't seem sure where he had set the trail. We had soon left the main paths and were off into the undergrowth where the prickley little scrub bushes were just the right height to scratch uncovered ankles and shins. The two hares had it a lot easier setting the trail the previous day as a special police escort was provided. Slush Puppy commenting at Hamish's party on the police escort did say that she could feel his gun, actually he was just pleased to see her. The Hash Flash, Flesh Gordon, made full use of all his tracking abilities in following the course including, I'm reliably informed, asking the general public if there was blue powder further up the path.

So the 'On In' was back down into the car park for the Circle. The Circle was called for by the Grand Master and the first 'down-downs' went to the hares for producing some sort of run. The Grand Master, Strawberry 4Skin, announced that there had been no circle last week, the hare for last week (the Marathon Run including the 10kms and the 10cms) was Fidipidis but he is now dead so all the Greeks were invited into the Circle to represent him for a 'down-down'. The RA, Playboy 2, also got a 'down-down' for last week because of the weather. He obviously hadn't organised it properly with the higher authorities.

The following also received jugs of the amber nectar:

Returnee - Making Bacon, who is now in Brazil (except for this weekend).

Virgins - Mellanie, Condom, Steven (who's wife made him come), Gabriel (Steven is lying), and Roz (who's husband is Parson's Nose)

It was at this point that our Virgins were nearly run over in the Circle by a local driver trying to extricate himself from Syngrou Car Park.

Our Religious Advisor took over to give us words of wisdom and comfort. He proceed to chastise the late comers, Chooting Star and Imac, who both received 'down-downs'. Imac got further refreshment for claiming a puke coloured polo shirt belonging to Shag-a-Lot. Ratarsed got a 'down-down' for not bringing his new shoes which he had boasted about at Hamish's party and Mad Dog got a 'down-down' for asking where next weeks run was. (He is organising it). Clitoria fingered Deli Boy for getting a taxi to the Hash and Imac ask for, and got, a 'down-down' for all those who didn't wait last week for him to join the Circle. (Scribe's Note:- See above, there was no Circle according to the Grand Master!!). Both hares received another 'down-down' as they were Virgin Hares.

Awards were given to Imac for 25 runs and to Play Boy 2 for 50 runs.

The Circle was closed and we all retired to the Kifissia Souvlaki for refreshment and to replace vitamins lost.