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Run: 1228   Date: 7 Oct 2001   Venue: Melissia    Hare: Mad Dog    Scribe: Flowery Twat

On command of our great and good leader, here I am writing the hash report for Sunday 7th set by Mad Dog on the side of Pendeli. As this field report has had to be texted to Bookmaker from the Milan Hilton, this debriefing will be short, dessicated and to the point (mine of course). Anyone wishing to see the normal florid versions appearing since All-Head-and-No-Shaft put pen to paper (and more paper and more paper) please add water.

I have been on planes and trains since 4am Monday morning including landing in Milan at the same time as the Linate crash so please bear with me.

1 Location and environment. 6/10

more trees than usual

interesting use of riverbeds

poor view

dangerous hash circle location

lack of cold beer

2 Highlights

Bookmaker in the Flying Club again

Innovative use of arrows

(too much for me to handle so I brought in Mountain Goat's years of experience and he couldn't work them out either)

Song check WITHOUT Semen Staines

New award for Hash Shit (fingered by Cameltoe) were 2 old favourites & 1 unmentionable

Halima belly dancing again

(is this a new tradition & if so can we have Mountain Goat taught some real moved and where to put his hands)

3 Hash Attendance

Widest range of hashers I've ever seen

One baby 9 months with new running shoes so needed a DIO for that

Alice the Mountain Dog helpfully washing the baby

Three generation family group

(although Connor was too busy building fall-out shelters to run around with parents & grandparents)

Quiet old hands due to mega-hangovers (Ratarsed & Strawberry Foreskin)

The latest arrival known to hash history - an Englishman climbing out of a taxi in time for his DIO - apparently how Parson's Nose always participates in the City hash

That's all for now folks except I did make a heartfelt plea for a donation from the hash hardship fund for a pair of new shoes as otherwise I would be running with naked feet on Sunday (not what Strawberry Foreskin imagined when he suggested a naked hash). I am willing to drink my DIO in the accepted manner but would be grateful for any old size 39 trainers if available.