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Run 1225

Date: 15-Sept-2k+1   Venue : Loutsa   Hare: THE BOOKMAKER   Scribe: AH,NS

The fine print:

No offense is meant in the use of the term bimbo. Some hashes deem this a derogatory term, this is not my intent. There were no animals harmed or humiliated in the writing of this hash trash, apologies if goats were offended. All necessary safety equipment was used, including, but not limited to, safety harnesses. All rights violated. Please keep all hands and feet in the ride at all times. Look before hashing across any streets.

The day began like any other Saturday, I awoke..... late and with a bit of a hang-over. I had made arrangements to be picked up and delivered to the hash by a couple of hashers who live near by, SEMEN STAINS and BULLY OFF. The carriage arrived at the pre-determined time of 3 in the afternoon and we began our 1.5 hour drive to the start of the run in Loutsa at the home of BOOKMAKER. The drive took us through some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. The scenery was of rolling hills and stunning islands. We arrived at the start with plenty of time to introduce myself to the welcoming Athens hashers. That all out of the way the hare pointed and called out that trail goes "that way", down the hill. I knew that was too good to be true and my fears were soon justified when our trek took a turn, completely around, and we began the trudge up the hill. I thought we were at the top when I realized that I was wrong. This hill was not a gradual slope but a drastic one. We went up for what seemed like ever. The ground leveled out and a tired pack slowed and stopped at a check and let some of the less tired hounds sniff out trail. The trail led down, this I knew was not right, and my fears were, once again, justified when we heard a cry of false from just ahead. Once back at the check we heard another call of "On-On" and, much to my dismay we were heading up yet again. I thought, by the next check and unknown elevation change, that we had reached the top of the world...... wrong again, we were running, limping or crawling ever upward. We finally reached the top and what I saw was stunning. There laid out before me, for miles, was the vast landscape, which is Greece and the surrounding, islands. I was in awe... Or was that just light-headedness from the rapid altitude change and the running? Quite possibility a combination. Hashflash, FLESH GORDON had a chance to pop off a few shots of us and the scenery behind, I will post one as soon as I get a copy and have it scanned. From there we headed downward, thankfully, through rough undergrowth and loose rocks. I was beginning to feel like a mountain goat. BULLY OFF, who was behind me said that she would let me know if I started sh*tting pellets. Ever downward we went until we had reached the bottom, and the seashore. We ran along the seashore, mainly because our momentum was near unstoppable from the rapid descent. The view was different, but still as beautiful. The islands look so different when viewed from sea level. A long winging trail along the shore, a span of 2 or more miles, I think, and we were heading back up into the hill, of course. I was told that the hare was leading us back to his place..... and cold beer. The end was near. Once back at the start, and location of the BBQ which was to follow, I donned my not just a hash shirt and crab hash sarong. I was questioned by several ABOUT what I was wearing, I guess some of them are not accustomed to sarongs, as was the Cairo hash. They too will grow to tolerate it as I brought several with me.

As the circle began I was brought into the center for my visitor down-down, which was given in a rather larger mug with holes all around the top...... I was soaked and a few of the bimbos asked if I was planning on starting a wet sarong contest, I told them that I really didn't have a choice. A few accusations went by and I was dragged out into the circle again for wearing a sarong, which was promptly lifted by one of the women who was curious exactly what one wears under a sarong. As the circle came to a close the BBQ pits were fired up and the party began. Everyone brought meats of different variety, lamb sausage here, grilled curry chicken there. Everywhere I turned people were shoving food in my face demanding that I "give this a try", and it was good.

I look forward to many more hashes and parties with the members of the Athens Hash House Harriers. Next weekend is a retreat to the island of Angistri, which should be a blast. I will take many a picture and post them on photopoint when I get a few more shots and some time.


All Head, No Shaft

Houston H3 - Athens H3