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Run: 1222   Date: 27 Aug 2001    Venue: Parnitha    Hare: Oopah & Sprogs    Scribe: M.F.P.

Since I was inequitably ascribed scribe simply because I was being affable to my fellow hashers, this is what you get.....

We started off with a bit of incertitude, considering the run had been set by Oopah and 2 prepubescent virgin bugs bunnies--cognates of his. But, led by the vim and vigor of the 2 pygmy hashies, guiding us along with clearly enunciated German garble, into the early dusk, amidst the ups and downs, F's and Checks, (which the front-running bastards enjoyed consumedly), we managed to falter back to the on inn barely before gooten nacht time. The views were awesome, as established by Gobbler who circumnavigated the run to lurch her way up to and into the cage up to the crest, only to be optically ostracized by the Casino groupies. Rumour has she had an accomplice. What indigent followed her up?

The circle circled as dusk fell, the wind manifested, chills ran through and out of several femme hashettes, who, alas, found no warmth from their fellow fucked-up fustian, wanker, poor excuse of the penile ilk, hashers.

DIO's were awarded to many, and too many. Following the hare and haries, the first DIO was again inequitably awarded to yours truly for techno-freaking on my mobile. Pardon me, but I was trying to set up the evening's shagfest. Deli boy got his for taking a taxi on last week's hash. Underdeveloped penile penalty GM! Celebrity DIO's were awarded to Banger, Mash, Immac and a couple of other nobodies. The inept hashy krishna ditto gave the entire circle a DD for shortcutting. How did he know if he didn't do it himself? Hamish and Immac joined the flying club and Clit for her usual perverted abusive being. Some others, but my brain cells had frozen over.

On to the Taverna and on to gastroindigestion. Good turnout--bad food-unforgivable price. Let's take Vlahos off the list, please!!! ON ON and off off to SKOPELOS. See all you wankers there!