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Run: 1218  Date: 30 July 2001    Venue: Psychico    Hare: D+H & 5 Hairyettes    Scribe: Two Lips

It was just one of those hot summer nights for most Athenians, just finished the first day of work after an exhausting weekend. They spent the evening relaxing on the beach or in a taverna, chatting about what the weekend had brought them. However also this Monday eve proved that lunatics still exist. People from all over the place got into their cars, the metro, the bus, or maybe even a taxi and followed strange looking signs pointing towards some HHH. Investigations proved that the people were going to some humble home in Psychico occupied by an extremely reproductive person, from where they went for a run. They appeared to be Hash House Harriers.

Usually the hash starts off in a very relaxed way. This time however there was a genuine panic. There was no beer and what would a hash be without any of this liquid........ Thank goodness the hash still has hero Harriers who jumped into a car and drove all the way to the nearest supermarket to obtain some of the finest refreshing Dutch Lager, oh yeah they did bring some water and sodas as well.

The Shields Hairyettes who set the trail were apparently inspired by the artist Escher, who is known for his mind-boggling geometrical art, since the trail only seemed to be going upwards. It was however a very interesting one. Especially when amateur archaeologist Ratarsed thought he had found an ancient warrior helmet which after inspection by expert Jurassic Period, seemed to be nothing less than some modern flower pot. The hares who themselves seemed to be very absent during the run set a record number of checks which kept the pack tightly together. After going uphill for about 50 minutes and downhill for not more than 10, the run came to an end at the same place where it started. In all Hashers minds the earlier mentioned hero's were praised and the liquids were taken with pleasure.

Some people pray before a meal, the hash punishes people before a meal, there does not need to be a reason. Some punishments (DIO's) of the evening, in random order:

  -The Hares (including papa hare), reason obvious.

  -Dirty and Hairy - on ice to degrade his sperm quality & reduce his rate of procreation.

  -I See Ass and Jurassic Period - for talking in the circle

  -Spazmodic - returnee

  -Haine & Ratarsed - just because

  -The Shield Hairyettes - virgin hares

  -Undersigned for being brave to lent out his boat to 2 ladies

  -Betsy - long time returnee and showing up in fancy dress

  -Pamela - for being hospitalised for dehydration (preventive measure)

  -Formosa Flyer - his 25th A3H run, he is the first to receive the adorable "25 Run Mug" (the prototype)

  -Supergran - for not fulfilling here "run 1217 scribe obligation"

Then finally the exhausted hashers were let free from the circle to enjoy a nice pasta meal, kindly provided by Dirty & Hairy.

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Two Lips