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 Run: 1191  Date: 21/01/01     Venue: Pendeli    Hares: Clitoria & Lily Wites    Scribe: Mad Dog

On this cold morning with a bitter wind blowing across Pendeli, two dutiful hares dragged themselves from their warm bed to set a trail over the  mountain. When the hashers arrived they set off  to freeze their asses off once again. Such heroism befits the land of Homer where Odysseus was daft enough to attempt a punch-up with the Hydra. Later, at the circle the hashers huddled like penguins, on the lee side of Forestry Dept. water tank to keep out of the wind. A Colonel Custer like circle of cars had failed to brake the icy blast.  God only knows what most of the down-downs were for. I couldn’t hear for the sound of  teeth chattering. Two for the hares, two for newcomers, two for sitting in a car while in the circle, etc. The best was for the dog with the blue spot that provided a moving trail marker, but it refused it’s down-down & went off on a abortive search for rabbits.

Later at the  upper-level of the “chosen” Taverna in Pendeli, things deteriorated as usual and after a couple of ribald songs and much foot stomping and table banging, the waiter came over to request that we keep the noise down as we were disturbing his other customers.  They are just not ready for us yet. We must give them a little more time.

Well, to add a little culture to this weeks sheet, I would like to recite a little poem by Baldrick from the TV series Black Adder: “Boom boom boom”, “boom boom boom”,  “boom boom boom boom boom boom boom” ...yes, well that’s enough of that for now.